7 Cooling foods to have this summer

7 Cooling foods to have this summer

Summer is the time to have all the freshening and cooling drinks. When mercury is rising, it becomes more important to treat yourself to a delicious and refreshing drink. In summers, our digestive systems do not work at their best capacity, so it is suggested to include lighter foods during this season to keep your gut problem-free. 

At Mithai and More, we have a whole range of delicious Indian sweets and drinks which will make your summer a 'treat to remember'. Yes, from basundi to mango shake to lassi to rasmalai, you name it, and we'll present the tastiest options for you. Moreover, we are the taste experts, thus including only the right ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Here, we have listed the seven best cooling Indian sweets and drinks for summer that will make summertime sweet, refreshing, and mouth-watering for you.

1: Flavoured Lassi

Lassi, regardless of its flavour, is heavenly in the summer months. Our flavoured lassi will delight your senses with its refreshing ingredients at Mithai and More

Remember when we were little, we'd get a bubbly white moustache after gulping down a full glass of lassi. And we'd not even realise until someone told us. That's what lassi does; it brings a smile to your face. It is perhaps the best Indian dessert made essentially from curd with added flavours to enhance the taste.

Apart from Rajwadi Lassi, you will also get a contemporary blend of flavours in this traditional drink at Mithai & More, like chocolate, mango and rose. We are experts in preparing customised sweets and drinks according to our customers' likes. Besides, we make sure to keep the original essence of the sweet as well.

We also offer Kaju Draksh Lassi and the sweet old traditional Lassi with the other flavours. So, do not wait anymore and Order Lassi Online on Mithai & More's website. 

2: Basundi

This favourite delicacy of Gujarat is made from sweet yoghurt. Although there is a different variation to this relishing sweet, the classic one is infused with saffron and garnished with almonds. It is a simple, homely Indian sweet and thus is very famous during significant Indian festivals like Maha Shivaratri. 

Rajwadi Basundi has the crunchiness of the dry fruits, the creamy texture, and the common ingredients' sweetness. Kesar Badam Basundi is counted among the staple sweets served in Indian households during many festivals. Also known as Saffron Almond Condensed Milk, the main ingredients of this lovely traditional sweet are saffron strands, sliced almonds, sugar, cardamom powder and high-fat milk. Additionally, if you too want to experience Kesar Badam Basundi in its most authentic form, get it from Mithai and More!

3: Rasmalai

This very popular delicacy has its origin in Bengal but is widely accepted across India. This sweet is irresistible as it melts as soon as you put it into your mouth. Sounds tempting. Besides, at Mithai & More, you'll get the Best Rasmalai in Ahmedabad

We have Rasmalai in an assortment of flavours such as frozen Kesar Pista, frozen Elaichi Pista and frozen Mango flavour. Along with maintaining its delicious traditional form, we add a hint of other flavours to make it even more enjoyable. 

We at Mithai and More make all our sweets with love and care. So, treat yourself to these desserts for summer and make this summer the best days of your life.

4: Buttermilk 

 As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is vital to eat and drink mindfully during the summer season. Buttermilk is the best thing you can have during hot afternoons to keep your body cool and save yourself from the hot waves. It doesn't just cool down your system but also soothes the gut. Popularly known as 'Chaas,' it is a perfect blend of taste with health.

The lactic acid present in Buttermilk helps in preventing unwanted bacterial growth. Thus, apart from being immaculately tasty, Buttermilk has fantastic health benefits. At Mithai and More, we have Buttermilk in 200ML, 500ML and 1 Litre packaging. Due to this, you can relish the small Buttermilk just by yourself on the go for a hot summer afternoon or choose the 1-litre pack to enjoy this incredible drink with your family.

5: Mango shake 

 A refreshing mango shake is a perfect drink to enjoy when the mangoes are at their season's highest. The recipe we have for Mango Milkshake features juicy and sweet mangoes, and it is delicious and light that instantly revitalises your body.

In India, people drink mango shakes as a refreshing snack, breakfast or as light desserts during summertime. While Mangoes provide a fresh, delicious taste, they're also packed with a great set of nutrients, which means they're a healthier alternative than other sweet drinks.

Get your hands on Mithai and More's Mango Milk Shake, and you'll understand why it's extremely loved!

We choose only the mangoes that are at maturity. The sweeter your mango is, the lower the sugar is required, which means the more nutritious your shake is likely to be. Additionally, we do not use sour mangoes as they could cause discomfort and could also cause curdling in the milk.

6: Matka Dahi 

Dahi or 'Curd' is an essential food item in India. With its cooling effect, Dahi is extensively used in summer as an accompaniment apart from being used to make delicious Indian sweets. While retaining all the natural ingredients, the porous clay pot gives a more affluent and denser version of the regular yoghurt and gives out a delicious, earthy flavour. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about curd turning bad with our clay pots because they are safe from the heat. 

Along with being tasty and delicious, Matka Dahi has some nutritional value that keeps the digestive system in order during summer. The clay used in Matka Dahi contains various minerals, including calcium, iron, sulphur, magnesium and phosphorus. Thus, our Matka Dahi is lovely in taste and beneficial for the body. 

7: Shrikhand

Shrikhand is a well-loved sweet dessert made with yoghurt. This traditional Maharashtrian sweet is widely accepted all across the country. 

Although it is delicious on its own, many people prefer pairing it with pooris. Even the plain shrikhand tastes delicious. If you want to try the tastiest shrikhand ever, look no further. Mithai & More prepares their Shrikhand with the finest ingredients. We offer our special shrikhand in 24 different flavours such as Pista, Kesar, Mango, Rose, etc. 

To make this dessert a delicious creamy treat, we use rich ingredients. Mithai and More always use fresh yoghurt to prepare any shrikhand. 

Additionally, at Mithai and More, apart from keeping your taste on our checklist, we also ensure safe and clean surroundings to improve the experience of all our patrons. You can conveniently order shrikhand online on Mithai & More's website. 

Mithai & More’s pure ingredients ensure that our customers enjoy their time with taste, delicacy, and harmony. Thus do not wait anymore and treat yourself to delicious Indian sweets this summer.