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      Enchant your senses with a scoop of Shrikhand from Mithai & More. It is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth. Shrikhand is a Traditional Indian sweet which is admired in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. This wonderful dish is prepared from Strained Yoghurt, dry fruits and a combination of a varied range of fruity flavours. This delicious sweet is the perfect choice for your sweet cravings after any meal. Prepared with the best quality ingredients, Mithai & More’s Shrikhand makes for a delightful dessert. 

      Relish the delectable dessert in your favourite flavours such as Kesar Rajbhog, Chhapanbhog, Mango, Afghan, Green pista, Lonavali, Pina Chink, Golden Pearl, Cool Caramel, Kesar Malti, Strawberry Punch Shrikhand, Berry Blast, Mango Tango, American Dream, Anjeer Kaju, Blue Diamond, Chocolate Marble, Cookie Cream, Elaichi, Kaju Drax, Kolaberry, Mix Fruit, Panch Ratna, Red Velvet, Rose Petal, and Java Plum.