7 Indian Sweets That Will Make you Feel like you are in Heaven

7 Indian Sweets That Will Make you Feel like you are in Heaven

There are no qualms about the fact that food has the super power to give a person a heavenly experience. You too must have felt that while having your favourite cuisine or a delicious buffet at a hotel or a party.

So when we talk about sweets in India, we can say that while eating them, heavenly experience is almost guaranteed. Indian sweets have the right amalgamation of all the ingredients and the fact that its makes do not play with its originality, it helps in keeping the authenticity of the sweet intact.

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the super ‘SEVEN’ Indian sweets that have made their mark in the heart and minds and on the taste buds of people and are set to rule for many more years to come.

Thus, without further ado, let us get started!

1: Mango Shrikhand

We will begin with the sweet that has the ‘King of fruit’ as its main ingredient, Mango Shrikhand. If we say that especially during summers, mango shrikhand is the best sweet to have, it will not be an overstatement. It has all the richness, taste and flavour of the best seasonal mangoes available in the market. Mango Shrikhand is famous majorly in the west of India, in Gujarat and Maharashtra but now people from all parts of the country have it with equal excitement.

2: Mango Rasmalai

The second sweet with Mango as one of its major ingredients is ‘Mango Rasmalai’. Frozen Mango Rasmalai is a spongy ball of cottage cheese that is cooked in thick milk syrup. To add the burst of flavours, it is topped with Mango Pulp that will give the customers a heavenly experience altogether.

Frozen Mango Rasmalai has everything that a sweet aficionado will crave for. The mango pulp and milk will give the sweet a soft, pulpy texture that delivers its flavour as soon as you keep it in your mouth. Frozen Mango Rasmalai can be served both hot and cold. Moreover, the soft balls are soaked in with creamy rabri that is a representation of absolute pleasure.

You can have Frozen Mango Rasmalai on festivals like Rakshabandhan and Diwali and on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

3: Dudh No Halvo

If we are talking about the 7 best Indian sweets that will give the customers a heavenly experience and we don’t talk about Dudh No Halvo, the list will not get complete. Dudh No Halvo is an amazing and tasty Indian sweet that is made with khoya, almonds and sugar along with the absolutely marvellous milk.  Moreover, to balance the sweetness, we at Mithai and More add spices such as Nutmeg and Cardamom.

Along with the above-mentioned ingredients, it is the pure ghee that puts Dudh No Halvo in a league of its own. Pure ghee brings out the beautiful texture and amazing flavour of the sweet that makes it an all-time favourite.

Dudh No Halvo is one of the best sweets that you can have to celebrate your special days and make it a memorable experience for yourself and your guests.

4: Gulab Jamun

Here we are with everyone’s favorite, the humble, shy and very very tasty Gulab Jamun. It is one of the few sweets that writes its own name whenever a list of best sweets to have is being prepared. It is because, whenever you hear the word ‘Gulab Jamun’, the first thought you would have is its superlative taste and flavour.

Gulab Jamun has a blend of ingredients such as skimmed milk, sugar, maida and for added flavour we add some cardamoms as well. As the sweet has the perfect amalgamation of everything, it gives you an experience that is amazing to have and pretty tough to forget.

Moreover, along with the taste and the authenticity of Gulab Jamun, we at Mithai and More make sure that during the preparation, the quality of the sweet is never compromised.

5: Malai Anguri

To begin with, Malai Anguri is a spot and spongy dessert that is soaked in creamy milk and it is to die for! As it looks, Malai Anguri is Rasmalai with a twist as it has ingredients such as rose water, dry fruits, cardamom, saffron, etc. Moreover, at Mithai and More, we add our own innovations to deliver an ambrosial experience to our customers.

The customers can satiate their sweet tooth by having Malai Anguri after dinner or you can amaze your guests by preparing it for special occasions as well. This delicious Indian sweet will never be short on giving a heavenly experience every time to the person who tastes it.

6: Kaju Katri

As we have stated from the beginning, at Mithai and More, we make sure to blend taste with health every time. Thus, while curating the list of seven of the best Indian sweets, we have added sweets that have stevia as their main ingredients.

Now, no one can doubt the popularity of Kaju Katri. But with time as people have become more health conscious, we too have evolved our ways of preparing sweets and Kaju Katri Stevia is a prime example of it.

Instead of sugar, the sweetness in the Indian sweet comes from Stevia, which is natural and beneficial for the overall health of a person. Thus, along with the taste, having Kaju Katri Stevia will aid the health of the customer.

7: Rasgulla

Stevia Rasgulla as the name itself suggests will relish your taste buds along with maintaining your health. Moreover, at Mithai and More, we have made sure to keep the originality and authenticity of Rasgulla intact while preparing it with Stevia as having sweets must be a mouth-watering experience in itself.

Stevia Rasgulla can be regarded as a sweet that comes in a whole package of taste and health. Thus, the customers can enjoy it with their family and friends while keeping the sugar levels in their body in order.

Indian sweets are amazing. Period. And if you have them in their most authentic form, it can be a surreal and magical experience. We at Mithai and More, always concentrate on delivering that heavenly experience to our customers thus make our sweets with love. Thus, if you want to have the best sweets available in the city and in India, visit our website as we have some ‘mouth-watering’ options for you.