Try these 7 sweets to warm you up this winter

Try these 7 sweets to warm you up this winter

The winter season has its charm. Everything around you is fragrant, and the food seems extra flavourful during this time. Starting your mornings with a fresh hot breakfast and ending your days with wonderful desserts, winter is all about having delicious food. 

It's normal to experience a greater appetite in this season and there are a lot of reasons for it. The colder weather reduces the body's temperature, and consequently the appetite is increased as a result. This is because food helps to create internal heat. This leads to an increase in body temperature, which is why we constantly feel hungry during this time of year. 

This season also happens to be the season of weddings. And when you're having a wedding or big celebration, there must be food, especially sweets. Everything from Indian curries to sweets is devoured without reluctance. You cannot resist a freshly prepared hot Gulab Jamun during cold winters. 

If you're looking forward to this season to dig in, rest assured that you're at the right place. Just imagine the taste of besan ladoo, Akhrot Barfi, Kesar Kopra Pak, and whatnot. We've got a list of the best winter desserts that can satisfy and warm you up this winter.  

1. Sukhadi

Served warm with ghee floating on top, Sukhadi is traditionally eaten during the wintertime. It is an authentic sweet hailing from Gujarat. As popularly known, the best sukhadi you can get is at the Jain temple in Mahudi. If you live in Gujarat, you probably must have been there once. At this Jain temple, you get this sweet as prasad. You are forbidden to take the offering outside the premises to retain its holiness. The crumbly texture of this sweet is so soft that it melts into your mouth the moment you take a bite. The whole wheat flour is thoroughly roasted with a touch of cardamom that helps bring out the best aromatic flavours from the sweet. 

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2. Sugar-free Khajur Dry Fruit 

Eating dates help you maintain your health in winter; even their sweet taste is perfect for mesmerising your taste glands. The high content of antioxidants and fibre in dates is beneficial for conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and many others.

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3. Kesar Kopara Pak 

A delicious Gujarati sweet that is bursting with the richness of saffron, Kesar Kopara Pak is among the top mouth-watering winter dessert ideas. Prepared with sugar, khoya, Kesar and fresh coconut, it creates an explosion of flavours inside your mouth. Pure desi ghee gives an amazing taste and gorgeous texture to the sweet with perfection. Saffron has warming properties which makes it ideal for winters. It's one of the most amazing & flavourful, hot Indian desserts that will keep you warm and fulfilled this winter. 

4. Akhrot Barfi 

Brown-coloured Akhrot Barfi is an original and delectable sweet dish different from the standard barfi for a refreshing change. It is a North Indian fudge recipe typically made using khoya, ghee, walnuts, cashews and pistachios. The smooth and silky texture is due to the ghee. Serve this delicious Mithai to your family and friends this winter season to impress them and their taste buds. Add this sweet treat to festivals and occasions to bring some excitement. Pistachios add a lot of flavour, and the dry fruits provide some crunch. 

5. Churma Ladoo

Churma ladoos are made from churma sweetened with jaggery and enriched with coconut and sesame seeds. These spherically shaped sweets hail from Rajasthan in India. The combination of pure ghee, besan and wheat flour gives the churma a mouth-watering flavour. These treats come with a coarse texture due to Rava. Churma Ladoo is a delicious treat, bursting with the goodness of Pistachios, Cashews, and Almonds.

6. Kaju Anjeer roll

Kaju Anjeer roll is rich in Cashews and figs, making it a delicious sweet. This gluten-free recipe is prepared with pure ghee, enhancing its sweetness and texture. The Kaju Anjeer Roll is a popular treat among all age groups because of its distinctive cylindrical shape. This authentic sweet is full of healthy and delicious ingredients. Enjoy the warmth of dry fruits in Kaju Anjeer Roll during the cold winters. If it’s tiring for you to go out to get sweets then you can buy indian sweets online at Mithai & More’s website. 

7. Kesar Peda

Kesar Peda is a milk-based fudge rich in saffron and Almonds, making it a delectable treat. This traditional sweet originates from Mathura and is made with khoya, almonds, cardamom powder and saffron milk. The almonds add crunchiness, and the saffron brings out a lovely flavour. The good use of Pure desi ghee brings out a wonderful flavour and a gorgeous texture. Kesar Penda is a special treat that features the dominant flavours of saffron. Saffron is known to be warm in nature and provides immunity against various allergies and cold which makes it ideal to have it in winters. 

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Gear up this winter season to get wonderful mithais delivered to your doorstep from the best sweet shop in Ahmedabad. This winter, give your taste buds their due treat while maintaining good health at the same time.