This festive season, indulge in sweets without guilt

This festive season, indulge in sweets without guilt

‘Festivity is in the air’ and we have no qualms about it. The great thing about enjoying festivals, especially in India is there are a plethora of different types of food items associated with each occasion. Whether it is Eid, Holi, Diwali, Christmas, etc., there are different types of sweets and other food items that our taste buds can relish.

But, with changing times and especially after the global pandemic, people have become more health conscious. They have become vigilant about what they eat, how many calories they consume, etc.

Understanding this paradigm shift in eating habits, we at Mithai and More have brought for your festive season sweets that you can indulge in without any guilt. Yes, our sweet products have broken the myth that ‘taste and health cannot go hand in hand’.

We have a myriad of collections and a variety of sweets that will not only make your Diwali tasteful but will also take care of your health. We have zero sugar sweets, stevia sweets, etc. that are delicious and immaculately healthy as well.

Thus, without any further ado, let us get started!

Zero Sugar Sweets

Don’t let the title fool you. By reading ‘zero sugar sweets’, one might understand that they would have to compromise their taste. But at Mithai and More, we have all bases covered for you!

1: Sugarless Khajur Dry Fruit

Made with the richness of khajur and different types of dry fruits like almond, cashew, etc., this sweet has all the required ingredients to be the best sweet you can have this Diwali. Moreover, as it is a zero sugar sweet, unlike others, we have not used processed sugar or artificial sweeteners as we understand the value of your health to the core.

Sugarless Khajur Dryfruit comes in an attractive packaging and is available in 500 grams’ packets. The sweet is purely vegetarian with no additives to make it look rich and attractive only for the outside. Therefore, if you wish to mollycoddle into some of the best and tasty sweets, treat yourself and your family with Sugarless Khajur Dryfruit today!

2: Assorted Sugarless 10 Pcs

So if you are a person who is looking for a variety of sweets under one roof, Assorted Sugarless 10 Pcs is the one for you. This zero sugar sweet has 10 different types of sweets in one box and has a shelf life of 25 days.

To keep the box of Assorted Sugarless 10 Pcs in good shape for 25 days, the customers must keep it in a cool and dry place. In addition, they have to make sure to consume the sweets within 24 hours of opening the box. And we guarantee you that, once you consume this zero sugar sweet once, the taste of it will compel you to consume the sweet within the first 24 hours itself.

Sugar free Sweets

The sugar free sweets are the extension of the zero sugar sweets. Keeping up the quality and taste, we have included some of the delicious sugar free sweets in this section, have a look:

1: Sugarless Anjeer Dryfruit

The Sugarless Anjeer Dryfruit will fill your Diwali celebration with happiness and fun. This is because you can consume this sweet with your loved ones and family members without any guilt because of its ingredients. The sugar free sweet has all the rich energy of anjeer and different dry fruits without any harmful artificial additives. Thus, consume it without any worries of putting some unwanted extra fat on your body.

Sugarless Anjeer Dryfruit has a shelf life of 90 days and is fully vegetarian sweet. Moreover, as a consumer, just make sure to store it in a cool and dry place.

Stevia Sweets

As far as the stevia sweets are concerned, one thing we can assure you at Mithai and More that you are in for a treat. Just like the sugarless sweets and sugar free sweets, we have multiple options of stevia sweets that our customers can consume without indulging in any sort of guilt.

1: Stevia Gulab Jamun

The Stevia Gulab Jamun has everything that a sweet aficionado would want this Diwali festival. At Mithai and More, we serve our Stevia Gulab Jamun in a 475 grams’ packet that comprises 10 mouth-watering and delicious pieces. It’s container is a box type and this stevia sweet has a shelf life of 25 days.

Just like all the above mentioned healthy sweets that you can consume this Diwali, Stevia Gulab Jamun is also a vegetarian sweet. Make sure to store it in a cool and dry place and enjoy its taste to the core.

2: Stevia Rasgulla

At Mithai and More, we are proud to say that we render the sweets of India all under one roof. Thus, this Diwali, if you are shopping with us, you would not have to look at other places for your sweet requirements.

With Stevia Rasgulla, we have brought the richness and authenticity of West Bengal along with the taste. Just like the Stevia Gulab Jamun, Stevia Rasgulla also comes in a 475 grams’ packet and has 10 delicious pieces in it. Moreover, the consumer has to be sure about one more thing apart from storing this stevia sweet in a cool and dry place. Use the Stevia Rasgulla in room temperature only so that you can enjoy the real taste of the sweet and have a good time with your loved one this festive season.

At Mithai and More, it is our constant quest to bring out what is best for our customers. Moreover, in taking care of the taste of the people of ‘Aapnu Amdavad’ we do not compromise a bit or become complacent when it comes to taking care of their health.

Thus, we make sure that the ingredients that go in the sweets are of top-notch quality and will not deteriorate the health of our customers. And this is the fact that makes us better from the cult and makes us stand in the league of our own.