The Sweet Treats That Define India And Its Culture

The Sweet Treats That Define India And Its Culture

India is a land of multiple cuisines and this tells a lot about the vibrancy and diversity of the country. Out of all the cuisines that define India, sweets have an important place in the list. Yes, different types of sweets go hand in hand whether it is for functions, occasions, festivals, get-togethers, etc. Indians love sweets and therefore there are a plethora of them one can find in the country.

The best thing about Indian sweets are their authenticity, deliciousness and taste. Moreover, the ingredients used in these sweets are one of the main factors that elevates their standards and puts the sweets in a ‘cult list’.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at how the sweet treats from India have become an important part of our culture and how it defines India as a country.

Best sweets of India

The main thing that we have focused on while designing this list is to concentrate on the authenticity and taste of the sweets. Here is the name of sweets that have featured in the list.

1: Sugar Free Kaju Katli

The popularity of Kaju Katli needs no second introduction. This sweet has a major fan following of its own and has over the years become a staple sweet to have irrespective of the festival or the occasion. Moreover, if Kaju Katli is being made in sugar free form, it becomes an irresistible combination of taste and health.

At Mithai and More while developing sugar free Kaju Katli, we have made sure to keep the original taste of the sweet intact. Therefore, despite sugar being removed from the sweet, it helps keep the tasty touch of the sweet as stevia is a great alternative to sugar. Thus, with health and taste both taken care of, sugar free Kaju Katli becomes one delicious sweet treat that defines India and its culture.

2: Sugar Free Malai Penda

Malai Penda, the name is enough to bring water to our mouths, isn’t it? At Mithai and More, we prepare this delicious Indian sweet that has ruled the roots for ages in the most genuine way. We prepare it using either Khoya or Milk, full cream milk and of course use stevia instead of sugar to make it a diabetic friendly sweet.

This great Indian sweet is exceedingly used in festivals such as Krishna Janamashthami sweet, Rakshabandhan, etc. Moreover, with no sugar, Malai Penda at Mithai and More is available in low calorie options as well which become perfect for people who are conscious about their health. Also, the goodness of stevia allows the customers to enjoy their favorite sweet without any guilt.

3: Sugar Free Gulab Jamun

Continuing the series of sugar free sweets, another sweet that has made its mark over the years has been Gulab Jamun. If we say that the sweet has a special place in all our childhood, it will not be an overstatement. Therefore, at Mithai and More, you will experience the same taste and have that nostalgic feeling in a healthier manner.

As no sugar is used in the sweet, Sugar Free Gulab Jamun becomes healthy and people with diabetes can also enjoy the sweet with pleasure. Moreover, there are no added preservatives in the sweet and it is also a great way for people who are looking to get on a weight-loss journey. Apart from the diabetes patients, children can too enjoy sugar free Gulab Jamun as it gives them the same deliciousness without having an adverse effect on their health.

4: Sugar Free Rasgulla

Like Kaju Katli, the popularity of Rasgulla is world known. This authentic Bengali sweet through its taste and flair has made the world its own and it will be safe enough to say that this Indian sweet now has become global.

At Mithai and More, we make sure that the originality of any sweet remains intact and the story of Rasgulla is no different. Even after making it in a sugar-free way, we have not used any kind of added artificial content. As stevia has become a popular alternative to sugar, we have used the same so that there is no ill-effect on the taste even after choosing the healthier option.

Sugar Free Rasgulla at Mithai and More has a charm of its own. It is liked by people from different walks of life. Also, as it is sugar-free, it makes it easier for us to sell to the audience who are pretty aware of their health and are always looking for a healthier option.

5: Motichoor Laddoo

After seeing a series of sugar-free sweets that has made its mark in Indian culture, it is time to see a sweet with sugar as an ingredient. Yes, we are talking about the delicious and humble Motichoor Laddoo.

Just like Gulab Jamun, Motichoor Ladoo too have been an important part of our childhood. They are majorly used as Prasad to Lord Ganesha after Modak and are enjoyed by one and all. People also do not shy away from mixing Motichoor Ladoo with different namkeens and give it a different taste.

At Mithai and More, we have Motichoor Ladoo that can be enjoyed for any occasion and people of different aspects of life. Moreover, the taste that we maintain here is second to none and our Motichoor Ladoo is a prime example of it.

Indian sweets and Indian culture have both gone hand in hand over the years. Because as the culture has evolved and accepted the changing times with open arms, so have been methods of preparing sweets in India. But despite the changing times, as the culture of our country has not lost its originality and genuineness, so has been the case with Indian sweets as well. Therefore, to enjoy these amazing sweets in their purest form, shop with us and have an experience of a lifetime.