Six must-have summer special sweets

Six must-have summer special sweets

“You are what you eat, so eat something sweet”- Anonymous

The essence of life is still in enjoying its ‘sweet’ little pleasures. And in the summer season when the mercury is on the rise, it becomes important to treat yourself in a delicious way to keep cool. For this summer desserts become a tasty and delicious option.

Summer is all about eating right. You have to make sure that the sweets you are eating are cool with lighter ingredients. At Mithai and More, we have a whole range of delicious Indian sweets which will make your summer a ‘treat to remember. Yes, from mango shake to shrikhand to rasmalai to buttermilk, you name it and we’ll present the tastiest form of that sweet.

Moreover, we are the ‘doctors of taste’ and thus include only the right ingredients that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Here, we have listed the six best Indian desserts for summer that will make summertime sweeter and mouth-watering for you. Let’s roll!

1. Mango shake

What better thing to have on a summer afternoon than a cool ‘mango shake’? Mango, known as the king of fruits is the main ingredient here. At Mithai and More, we give this traditional Indian dessert for summer a sweet little twist by adding rich add-on ingredients. Be it Pistachios, Almond, Cashew, etc., we try to make a perfect blend of the dry-fruit add-ons so that our customers get nothing but the best experience.

Moreover, the essence of a mango shake is in its density and flavour. And with Mithai and More, we make sure that both these things are present in the summer dessert in just the right amount.

2. Matka Dahi

Dahi or ‘Curd’ is a very important ingredient in Indian food. With its cooling effect, Dahi is extensively used in summer as a beverage apart from being used to make delicious Indian sweets.

Along with being tasty and delicious, Matka Dahi has some nutritional value as well that keeps the digestive system in order during summer. Moreover, as it is served in an earthen pot, the curd retains all its natural ingredients. Thus, Matka Dahi at Mithai and More is emphatic in taste and beneficial for the body as well.

3. Rasmalai

Rasmalai, there is taste written all over this delicious Indian sweet, beginning from the name itself. Originally a very popular Bengali delicacy, this Indian sweet is widely accepted across the country. The reason behind this is simple. The sweet is irresistible as it melts as soon as you put it into your mouth. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

At Mithai and More, we have Rasmalai in frozen Kesar Pista, frozen Elaichi Pista and frozen Mango flavour as well. Along with maintaining its delicious traditional form, we at Mithai and More make all our sweets with a tinge of love, care and oneness.

So, treat yourself to these desserts for summer and make this summer the best days of your life.

4. Shrikhand or Matho

From the land of Bengal, we come to the west of India in Maharashtra. Matho or Shrikhand is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet and like Rasmalai, this sweet is widely accepted in all parts of India. At Mithai and More, we have a plethora of options for our customers when it comes to Matho. Whether you are opting for a combination of different flavours like Pista, Mango, Kesar, etc. or looking for separate flavours is ready to serve form, we have got everything for you.

To make this special dessert a ‘tasty treat’, we add fine ingredients which give the shrikhand a creamier look. Moreover, at Mithai and More, apart from keeping the taste in mind, we make all our sweets in a hygienic and clean environment for the betterment of our customers.

5. Lassi

From the east to the west of India, now it is time to move ‘northwards’. When you hear ‘Lassi’, more often than not, the word itself brings a smile to your face. Lassi is perhaps the best Indian dessert made essentially from curd with added flavours to enhance the taste

At Mithai and More, you will find a ‘Rajwadi’ taste apart from getting more contemporary flavours like Lassi Chocolate, Lassi Rose, etc. We are a master of making customized sweets according to the likes and dislikes of our customers. Moreover, we make sure to keep the original essence of the sweet as well.

Along with Chocolate, Rose and Rajwadi Lassi, we have other options such as Lassi Kaju Draksh and the sweet old traditional Lassi. Therefore, do not wait more and treat yourself to delicious Indian sweets this summer.

6. Buttermilk

As we stated at the beginning of the article, it is important to eat and drink the right thing during summer. Buttermilk or popularly known as ‘Chaas’ is a perfect blend of taste with amazing health benefits.

Although the name ‘Buttermilk’ can be misleading as it doesn’t contain any butter. At Mithai and More, we have Buttermilk in 200ML, 500ML and 1 Litre packaging. Due to this, our customers can either have Buttermilk on the go on a hot summer afternoon or opt for the 1-litre pack to enjoy this amazing summer dessert with their family.

The lactic acid present in Buttermilk helps in preventing unwanted bacterial growth. Thus, apart from being immaculately tasty, Buttermilk has major health benefits as well.

Summer in India is the season of togetherness. As the children enjoy their summer vacation and enjoy their family time, we at Mithai and More have brought the best Indian desserts. With our immaculate ingredients, we make sure that our customers enjoy their time with taste, delicacy and harmony.