Satisfy your cravings of Indian sweets online

Satisfy your cravings of Indian sweets online

Mobile apps have made life easier for people across the globe in different aspects. Whether it is online shopping or ordering your favorite food online or booking traveling tickets, etc. mobile apps have not only streamlined every process but has also made things accessible for the common people.

Now when we talk about ordering food online, there are a plethora of options available in the market. Most of the online food marketplaces comprise different cuisines, but there are a few that are dedicated to a specific kind of food item.

At Mithai and More, we render a platform from where people can order fresh, tasty, authentic and delicious sweets from anywhere in India. We have a wide range of sweets available that are authentic and can be your companion during various festivals, important occasions, celebrations and more.

Let’s dig deep into the fact of why you should opt for Mithai and More to order sweets from anywhere in India.

1: The most authentic sweets

The USP to our success at Mithai and More is that we follow an authentic process to prepare our sweets according to the taste of the targeted customers. We do not experiment with the ingredients, just add our expertise and experience to give our customers a bit extra that they will never find with any of our peers.

Thus, if you have a sweet tooth and are looking to explore the best and freshly made sweets from across the country, visit our website and we will make sure that you will get sweets full of taste and your money’s worth.

2: Only fresh sweets delivered

One thing that is a surety at Mithai and More apart from taste and deliciousness is quality. We make sure to deliver only the freshly made sweets so that apart from maintaining the flavor, we also maintain the health of the customers.

The freshness of sweets at Mithai and More is maintained as we do not use any kind of harmful additives for the sake of short term benefit. Moreover, as we have expert chefs working for us, they are pretty well-versed in whatever they do.

3: We use the latest packaging techniques

There are no qualms about the fact that great packaging technique is essential to maintain the freshness of the food item. At Mithai and More, we understand this fact to the core and thus use Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technique.

This process includes making changes in the gaseous atmosphere and keeping it to appropriate levels surrounding the food product inside the package. This appropriate level of gas helps in maintaining and preserving the food for longer duration and keeps it fresh.

We at Mithai and More understand that there is nothing greater than rendering good quality, fresh products and maintaining the health of our customers. Therefore, we implement the MAP technology while packaging our food items

4: We keep the nostalgia factor alive

Making sweets at Mithai and More is much more than just a mechanical work of making sweets. Apart from adding the required ingredients, we make our sweets with love and care and that is translated brilliantly in the final product that we make.

Along with the love and care, we make sure to keep the nostalgia factor alive. Majority of the Indian sweets must have had a special place in people’s childhood. We are a master at keeping that feeling while making the sweets so that the customers can instantly connect with them.

This not only makes us a class apart from our peers, but also increases our customer retention rate as well. We consider our customers ‘Word of Mouth’ as the greatest source of our marketing and thus leave no stones unturned in rendering them the best possible service.

5: Health and Taste together

With change in times and especially with the ongoing pandemic, the eating habits of people across India has changed dramatically. We at Mithai and More have embraced this change and have employed all the necessary precautions that make sure that the sweets are made in a hygienic environment.

Whether it is getting all our staff vaccinated or making sugar free sweets with Stevia in it, we have made sure to cover all the bases. And we take pride in it as Mithai and More is one of the few organizations that has given equal weightage to both taste and health and become a customer-centric company.

Therefore, if you want to experience this rare combination of taste and health together, other freshly made sweets from Mithai and More from any part of the country.

Sweets are an integral part of Indian culture. They are used in happy occasions, for gifting purposes or just to enjoy a leisure time with family and friends. At Mithai and More, we understand this to the core and thus provide nothing but the best and sweets available in the market that are freshly made and at affordable rates too. Thus, don’t miss the chance and order sweets from anywhere in India on Mithai and More, now!