Popular Festival Sweets in India

Popular Festival Sweets in India

The zeal and enthusiasm with which Indians celebrate festivals throughout the year is second to none. Festivals without a doubt are an important part of our culture as they give us time to revisit our amazing tradition and spend a happy time with our family and friends.

Along with the traditional values and family time, the other thing that makes festivals even more special in India is its food. The taste, deliciousness and authenticity of popular Indian festival sweets are world known for all the right reasons. The thing that makes Indian festival sweets different and popular is its ingredients and the traditional methods with which it's being made.

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss six of the most popular Indian sweets that have made its mark not only in the country, but across the globe. The list includes ‘Sweet Stalwarts’ like Rasmalai and Gulab Jamun as well.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy as we begin the blog!

1: Akhrot Barfi

Akhrot Barfi or Walnut Barfi is distinct from the usual barfi we have during festivals. This mouth-watering North Indian fudge is made with roasted walnuts, ghee, khoya, cashews, pistachios, etc. Thus, it has all the ingredients to make your special occasions and festivals even more special.

One of the USPs of having Akhrot Barfi is that along with giving fun to your taste buds, it is healthy for your body as well. Moreover, the high-flying dry fruits such as cashews and pistachios will bring in the crunchiness and the main ingredient walnut will keep the authenticity intact.

This leading Indian festival sweet is available in two packs of 250 grams and 500 grams. Thus, you can also gift Akhrot Barfi on important occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries along with having it on festivals such as Diwali, Rakshabandhan, Christmas, etc.

2: Kaju Katri Stevia

The greatest benefit of doing your festival sweet shopping from Mithai and More is that we render the best products that are immaculate in taste and beneficial to your health as well. Another example in this coveted list is Kaju Katri Stevia.

Now, we all are aware of how popular Kaju Katri is in India. But, with change in time as people have become more health conscious, they have become peculiar about what they consume. So, to solve this problem, Kaju Katri Stevia allows customers to enjoy the ‘best of both worlds’.

At Mithai and More, we don’t use processed sugar and have Stevia as the main ingredient in preparing Kaju Katri. As there is no artificial sweetener used, the sweet will not have any

ill-effects on our customer’s health. This pack of Kaju Katri Stevia is available in a 200 grams pack.

3: Sugarless Khajur Dry Fruit

The health benefits of Khajur or Date Palm is well known all over the world. Date palm is high on fiber and is very nutritious. Thus, keeping this in mind, we have our own special Sugarless Khajur Dry Fruit that our customers can enjoy without any guilt this festive season.

Along with being a zero sugar sweet, one of the better advantages of Sugarless Khajur Dry Fruit is its dry fruit content. Besides date palm, it has a nice and fine blend of pistachios, cashew and almonds so as to give a wholesome sweet experience to the customers. Sugarless Khajur Dry Fruit is a 100% vegetarian sweet and is easily available in a 500 grams pack.

We at Mithai and More always try to blend in health with taste so as to do our bit to keep the physical well-being of our customers intact. And Sugarless Khajur Dry Fruit festival sweet is one another amazing example of it.

4: Sugarless Anjeer Dry Fruit

Another amazing example of our quest of providing health with taste is Sugarless Anjeer Dry Fruit. Like the other zero sugar sweets, Sugarless Anjeer Dry Fruits too is devoid of any processed sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The shelf life of Sugarless Anjeer Dry Fruit is 90 days. In addition, this sweet comes in a box type container of 500 grams and the customers should always store it in a cool and dry place to enjoy it to the core.

The whole idea of preparing zero sugar sweets for a ‘sweet crazy’ city like Ahmedabad is that we understand what best suits our customers. You can visit our Zero Sugar Sweets section to know more about the other amazing options we have, take a look!

5:  Gulab Jamun

As mentioned in the beginning, we have saved the ‘best for the last’. No Indian sweet list is complete without mentioning Gulab Jamun. And when you shop for the festival sweets with Mithai and More, we will make sure to take your Gulab Jamun experience to the next level.

We say it because when it comes to Bengali sweets, we are second to none. With our years of experience and astounding quality, we deliver the best taste that our customers can relish with their families and friends during festive times.

A box of Gulab Jamun contains 12 mouth-watering pieces and it has a shelf life of 25 days. In addition, we request our customers to store the box of Gulab Jamun in a cool and dry place to enjoy the real taste of the sweet.

6: Rasmalai

The undisputed queen of authentic Bengali sweets is ‘Rasmalai’ and we at Mithai and More know the importance of it.

Rasmalai is a traditional Indian Bengali sweet that has cottage cheese and thick milk syrup as its main ingredients. To add taste and flavours, we top it with pistachios, almond and saffron to give this yellow coloured sweet a heavenly touch and taste. Another advantage of having Rasmalai is that it can be served on special occasions both hot and cold.

So whether it is a special occasion or a big festival, family gathering, etc. Rasmalai will add taste and flavour and will make your family time even more enjoyable.

The above list of popular Indian festival sweets gives you just a sneak peak of the abundant options our country has when it comes to sweets. At Mithai and More, our whole and sole focus is to bring the best for our customers whether it is in taste, healthiness and the authenticity of the sweet. Along with sweets mentioned in the blog, take a look at all our products in our collections section.