Make Mithai & More a part of your special day!

Make Mithai & More a part of your special day!

Be it an engagement, baby shower, wedding or graduation day, no occasion is complete without the Indian sweets. Sweets are a part of each celebration in India, and we cannot even imagine a festive gathering without them. A saying goes by 'Muh meetha kariye' when anything good happens. Sweets are a symbol of happiness. When we Indians distribute sweets as the child is born, we're not just giving out sweets but spreading our joy. It is our way of sharing the happiness with others that we're experiencing. 

The idea of an Indian celebration is impossible without Mithai. No matter how much you love western sweets, it's clear that it's wedding festivities when every dish is stuffed with laddus, and every corner of the home is covered with barfis. From the time you send out invitations until the day of celebrations, Mithai is of utmost significance for every wedding ritual.

Baby Arrival Announcement 

The birth of a child is a very special time for the new parents and ought to be celebrated with the near and dear ones. The ideal way to celebrate this moment is to celebrate with Mithai. Our reinvented sweets rooted in traditional recipes and presented in a fresh new design will surely add a touch of sweetness to your celebrations. For announcements of birth, we highly suggest our mithai boxes assorted along with the Kaju Mix and our Assorted Bites Box as it offers an array of Mithai, from laddus to pedas, to Rasgullas and more!

We understand that the coming of a new baby to your family is a time you'd like to cherish forever. As new parents and grandparents, we know how busy you're providing to your child, and we're here to help you make the mithai experience memorable and effortless.

From helping you create a custom-designed packaging to include the name of your baby and his arrival information, choosing a style from our collections, selecting a mithai your beloved children will love, to writing an extra message to the ones you love dearly, we'll make the entire experience a memorable one!

Graduation day 

All things sweet are associated with joy, and each occasion brings different types of Indian Mithai. From north to south and east to west, Indians not just express their love through food and sweets, but they also form an important part of each celebration. It is amazing to see how culturally rich Indian people come together for as small a celebration of graduation. Although we Indians don't need a reason to have sweets, it's still vital to have sweets on every joyous occasion. 

Sweets are considered auspicious in our society, which is why we usually have them to mark any occasion. These occasions are the ideal time to indulge in your most loved sweets. From helping you customise the packaging with your child's name on it to choosing the sweet hampers your loved ones will appreciate, and lastly, adding a note to make the whole experience unforgettable. Our sweet treats can satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth and can even increase the yearning, leaving you craving for more.

Engagement ceremony 

As a country with a rich culture and heritage, India is a treasure trove of good food associated with celebrations and festivities. Especially sweets form an important part of each of these celebrations. Even when the families of a couple approve of their relationship, they put a ladoo or penda in each other's mouth to honour the 'Muh Meetha' custom. And sweets are something worth gobbling extra calories for.

We know how much goes into planning an engagement ceremony, and we'd like to eliminate one major thing from that checklist, i.e., Mithai! Beginning with a thorough conversation, we will help you understand all you require, to the guided tour, which allows customising your packaging. Also, we'll ensure your boxes are personalised with a message or card to your loved ones everywhere. Believe us; we will create a memorable experience for the loved ones you cherish.


Planning a wedding and bringing it to life involves hundreds of things and lots of preparations. It is impossible to do everything at once and on our own. It is no surprise that a wedding house can be chaotic. There are many tasks to complete, including outfit shopping, gift shopping, decor, food and selecting best sweets for marriage function. Each duty is equally paramount, and finding a way through the chaos and working with trusted people is important. Sweets are a key part of every wedding, from sharing the big news with family and friends to sending sweets to in-laws to setting-up elaborate sweet displays during traditions and thank-you gifts.

We understand how important it is to plan a wedding, and we'd like to remove the burden of one thing from that list – Mithai. Mithai is an essential aspect of any wedding, and we at Mithai & More will help you through the whole process. From a conversation to understand your needs for customising your packaging, Mithai tasting to sample our sweet treats, to making sure your boxes contain a personal message or card that you have addressed to your loved ones, we'll make everything flawless for you. 

We at Mithai & More know how important and emotional your engagement or wedding day is, and our Mithai experts ensure you're satisfied at each step. We can help you pick from various designs or customise as requested, choosing the most appropriate colour for your event and creating a selection of sweets you and your guests will love. We'll bring a lot of charm to your celebration with our personalisation touch.

Customise your Mithai boxes for wedding, engagement and other special occasions with Mithai & More