Indian Pickles to compliment food

Indian Pickles to compliment food

There are no qualms about the fact that food in India is of different taste whether it is sweet, salty, namkeen, etc. But one food item that has its own zeal and enthusiasm and fills in the food plate with different taste and zing is Pickle.

It will be safe enough to say that Indian pickles are the best available in the whole world. Their spicy taste adds a new flavor in the food, making them tastier than ever. But like all the food items, the USP of the pickles are their ingredients and the way they are made. If the amalgamation of the ingredients and the making process works fine, the end results would be desirable.

Let’s discuss the best Indian pickles available in the market and how they play a pivotal role in making our food rich and delicious.

Top 5 Indian Pickles to have this summer season

The pickles included in this list are the most sought-after pickles in the market. At Mithai and More, we make them in their most authentic way to keep its taste, flavors and originality intact. 

1: Sweet Mango Pickles

If you are considering having a tongue-tickling delight with your everyday food, sweet mango pickles are the one to go for. During the summer season, the sweet mango pickles become a necessity as it adds a new flavor to the whole food.

The main reason behind the popularity of sweet mango pickles are its ingredients. Some of its amazing ingredients such as mustard seeds, raw mangoes, turmeric powder, red chili powder, etc. make it an amazing food. The sweet mango pickles have all the capabilities to relish your taste buds and keep them in good condition.

2: Chhundo

When we are talking about the best Indian pickles and we don’t talk about the classic Chhundo, the list will remain incomplete. Chhundo is easy to make and is very tasty as well as spicy Indian pickle. Moreover, it can be served with chapatis, theplas, pooris, etc.

At Mithai and More, we take care of the fact that we follow the authentic process while making the Chhundo so that the taste and authenticity of the pickle is kept intact.

3: Mango Hot Pickles

Just like the sweet mango pickles, the main ingredient of the Mango Hot Pickles is raw mango. Other than this, it has mustard seeds, nigella seeds, chili powder, turmeric, mustard oil, etc. The spicy nature of the Mango hot pickles gives it a tinge of different taste and thus gives a whole new separate identity to this pickle.

So if you are looking to have the best Mango Hot Pickles this summer to make your everyday food tastier, you don’t need to look beyond Mithai and More. We understand the taste, needs and wants of the customers and thus add our own expertise and love to make every food item better.

4: Sweet Lime Pickles

The combination of spices used in sweet lime pickles is what makes it the talk of the town. There is a complete blend of lemon, rock salt and a tinge of sugar to maintain the sweet taste. Sweet Lime Pickles are very easy to make and this is one of the reasons why it has been loved and appreciated by customers of all generations.

At Mithai and More, with our years of experience in making traditional pickles, we only employ the traditional policy. We understand the taste of the audiences and therefore follow a process that allows us to bring the best and tasty sweet lime pickle for our customers.

 5: Mix Pickles

We will end this list by mentioning the name that is amalgamation of everything good and amazing. Mix pickle is a combination of carrot, lime, green chili and everyone’s favorite mango. The mix pickle can go on with any food item and has all the ingredients to make it tastier than ever.

It is spicy, it is easy to  make and the mix spicey nature makes it a go-go with every food. Therefore, if you too want to make your summer food items exciting and delicious, choose the best mix pickles from Mithai and More and see the difference yourself.

Pickles have a strong place in the Indian food culture. And during the summer season, they become a must have. As most of the pickles are easier to make, serve and preserve, they have a huge popularity among the target audience. Therefore, if you too want to feel and experience the authentic taste of Indian pickles, visit Mithai and More Store and order online!