Five Health Benefits of Granola Bites

Five Health Benefits of Granola Bites

 We need no rocket science to understand the fact that what we eat plays an important part in maintaining our health. Thus one needs to be mindful of his/her eating habits in order to maintain good health. Speaking of good health, what comes to your mind when you think of Granola? Crunchy, sweet, satisfying, isn’t it? But with the taste, Granola bites are good for your health as well.

The best thing about having Granola is that you can customize it according to your liking.  You can use a number of different ingredients such as walnuts, chia seeds, almonds, coconut flakes, dried fruits, etc. The health benefit of granola bites depends on the type of the ingredients, but irrespective of the ingredients, granola is good for you.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the top health benefits of granola bites. Along with the benefits of granola, we will also put light on some frequently asked questions like:

  •         What is granola?
  •         Is granola good for you?

Thus, without further ado, let us get into the details.

What is granola?

Granola is a toasted mixture of nuts and oats and natural sweeteners such as honey. As far as its nutritional value is concerned, Granola is rich in fiber, micro-nutrients, protein and is very calorie dense. In addition, it also has a good proportion of iron, copper, zinc, vitamin E, etc.

Thus, looking at Granola’s nutrition, if you are looking for a wholesome breakfast, it could become a better choice than its peers.

Now let us look at the top 5 health benefits of Granola bites


High in fiber proportion

At Mithai and More, we consider the health of our customers as paramount. Thus, we have a plethora of options when it comes to sugar free granola bites sweets. Because of its higher protein and fiber content, it contributes to the fullness of your health and is delicious as well.

Fiber rich foods are known to increase the digestion time of the human body. Thus, one of the health benefits of granola bites is that it will help you feel fuller for a longer time.  Moreover, it also aids in appetite control.

Helps in decreasing cholesterol levels

Oats are known for containing a compound known as beta-glucan. Therefore, with this, regular intake of Granula is known for reducing the levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol. Low-density lipoproteins or bad cholesterol can lead to heart diseases as they clog blood vessels.

Along with decreasing the cholesterol levels, another health benefit of granola is that it has important protein and amino acids. Thus eating healthy brand’s granola will help you have all the needed nutrients and keep your health in check.

Improving blood pressure and reducing blood sugar

Granola bites help a great deal in improving your blood pressures and also reducing the levels of blood sugar. Thus, granola is preferred by hikers, campers and other people who prefer to do outdoor activities.

Moreover, if you wish to enjoy the sugar free granola bites sweets at Mithai and More, you can use different combinations. You can mix it with strawberries, yogurt, bananas and do not worry about adverse health effects. Eating the granola calories will provide you the richness of dried fruits and whole grains. Moreover, the fiber in it will slow the rate at which your body digests carbohydrates and the sugars.

As the blood pressure and blood sugar levels will remain in check, granola will help to boost your overall immunity levels.

Aiding in weight loss and improving digestion

Now as we know the answer to the question: what granola is made of, we clearly know that it is very light.  Thus, having granola bites become healthy, filling and boost your body in a number of ways. The reason why having granola makes you feel full is that it absorbs water and bulks up food.

It may aid in weight loss as it prevents the person from overeating so that they don’t get obsese. Moreover, it also refrains them from eating at irregular times, thus boosting the overall digestion process.

The digestive aid of granola is purely unmatched. Its dietary fibers add bulk and weight to the bowel movements. Thus, it helps in making the food pass easily through the digestive tract. It also helps in reducing constipation.

Helps in boosting energy levels

Granola with the help of its immaculate ingredients helps in rendering a high amount of concentrated energy. Thus because of this, it increases your overall energy levels and you don’t feel sluggish doing tough physical work.

Having granola from healthy granola brands also helps in maintaining metabolic activity and is important for the kidneys and the liver. In addition, granola nutrition helps in stimulating the tissues of the body and allows proper distribution of resources.

Since it helps in proper metabolic function, it allows efficient working of the body and provides all the necessary energy.

List of Granola bites product at Mithai and More

As we have seen that there are plethora of health benefits of Granola, thus Mithai and More has a range of granola products for our customers. The list of these zero sugar sweets include:

  •         Peanut butter granola bites
  •         Royal Nuts granola bites
  •         Chocolate Chips granola bites
  •         Assorted granola bites
  •         Classic granola bites

Thus, visit our store or order online and you will be spoilt for choices as far as highly nutritious granola bites sugars are concerned.



The health benefits of Granola are immense. Moreover, looking at the present condition, concentrating on health along with taste becomes very important. At Mithai and More, we understand the importance of maintaining the fine balance between health and taste. Thus, we provide the best granola calories to our customers with high-rated sugar free granola bites sweets.