Devour these 7 treats to light up your Diwali

Devour these 7 treats to light up your Diwali

One of the most remarkable festivals in India, Diwali, is around the corner (October 24, 2022). Every home and a nearby market would be beautifully decorated with lights, diyas and rangoli. Nevertheless, the most significant element of this Indian festival is the food, without a doubt as with any other festival or celebration in India. Everything from Indian curries to the famous Diwali sweets is consumed without restriction. Sweet treats, including traditional Indian desserts, account for most of the feasting!

If you're looking for Diwali mainly to satisfy your craving for sweets, we've got the complete list of the finest traditional sweet treats right here! Imagine decadent Gulab Jamuns, the ultimate Kaju Katli, sweet Rasmalai and much more! 

1: Kaju sweets

Among all the Kaju sweets, it is no doubt that Kaju Katli is the most iconic Diwali mithai. We all have lovely memories of sneaking and devouring this delicious diamond-shaped treat. An additional Kaju dessert is lovely Kaju Anjeer rolls. This sweet is composed of two delicious dry fruits as the main ingredients; you can't need more. 

A perfect match to satisfy one's desire for sweet treats, the unique Kaju Mix is an attractive choice to gift sweets. It's a blend of delicious sweets made from the most beloved nuts - cashews. We use the best quality cashews that provide a delicious taste to the mithai. The richness of Cashews gives the smooth, rich texture and mouthfeel of the mithai, which melts in your mouth. Its rich flavour makes it a lavish treat. It's a tasty dessert that everyone can relish.

2: Rasmalai 

The spongy balls of cottage cheese are cooked in rich milk syrup and decorated with saffron, pistachio and almonds, which provide a sensational burst of flavour. It's no exaggeration to declare that Rasmalai is one of the most sought-after, authentic Bengali sweets. A delicious sweet with a beautiful yellow hue, Rasmalai is a traditional Indian festival dessert made of sugar and milk. You can enjoy this sweet, both hot and cold. The beautiful combination of these soft balls, soaked in the deliciousness of creamy rabri, is an absolute delight. It is without a doubt that Rasmalai can bring flavour to any occasion. Get your diwali sweet box online with Mithai & More. 

3: Mohanthal 

Mohanthal is fudge with wonderful flavours made with Ghee and gram flour, giving it a unique flavour and texture. This sweet is a traditional one that comes from authentic Gujarati cuisine and is a treat you should try once. When you first take a bite of Mohanthal, it will melt into your mouth, leaving you in awe of the delicious flavours. The fragrant Mohanthal is a mouthwatering sweet and hard to resist. Spices such as Saffron and Cardamom provide a delicious taste and a fantastic aroma. Other than the Diwali gifts, if you're looking for a guilt-free dessert indulgence for yourself or your loved one, let us assure you that we have one of the best Mohanthal in Ahmedabad under the sugar-free range. 

4: Gulab Jamun 

It is the most sought-after national treat that is hard to resist, even being on the diet. It's also the perfect dessert to serve the guests you host on Diwali. When you buy the traditional sweets from Mithai and more to celebrate Diwali, we'll ensure to take your experience to the next level. 

We are convinced that we're at the top of our game when it comes to Bengali sweets and you'd be too after you taste our sweets. The company is backed by years of expertise, outstanding quality, as well as the most delicious flavour that our customers can relish with their loved ones during the festive occasions. The box contains 12 gorgeous chunks of Gulab Jamun that have an average shelf-life of 25 days. 

5: Halwasan 

A product of Khambhat, Gujarat, Halwasan is a traditional Gujarati sweet. It's a Classic Indian sweet prepared with finely ground wheat flour, edible gum, milk, curd, and Nutmeg. With a little dust of Dry fruits, it gives an outstanding flavour and an amazing crunch. It has a gooey texture that reminds you of a fudge, and is an item you should try. It is available in two different sizes of 250 or 500 grams.

Order Khambhat halwasan online from the comfort of your home.

6: Peda

Peda, creamy milk-based fudge, is an indulgence beyond wealth. Pure Ghee takes the flavour of the sweet to the next level. Mithai and More has primarily three types of peda – Malai Peda, Kesar Peda and Thabdi Peda. 

  • Malai peda is a North Indian delicacy from Mathura, prepared with Khoya, whole cream milk, and sugar. 
  • Kesar peda is another exquisite sweet with the supreme flavours of saffron. 
  • Thabdi peda is a flavourful indulgence – a popular sweet hailing from Saurashtra, Gujarat.

7: Sugar-free sweets 

You need not be disappointed while indulging in your favourite sweets anymore owing to Mithai & More. Take pleasure in our selection of sugar-free sweets without any guilt. 

The exact flavour of dried fruits and milk, these Sugar-free sweets are great for those who suffer from diabetes. It is also a healthy option for fitness enthusiasts and people who wish to reduce their consumption of sugar. You can maintain your weight even while you indulge in your favourite sweets. Mithai and More's sugar-free sweets are made of top-quality and pure ingredients to ensure your health is maintained without compromising on flavour. It's a healthier option in place of your usual sweets. 

Thinking of gifting sugar-free sweets to your family this Diwali? Here are a few combos of one of the best sugar free sweets in India to choose from: 

Sugar Free Gulab Jamun & Kaju Katli 

Sugar Free Kesar Peda & Gulab Jamun 

Sugar Free Milk Cake & Gulab Jamun 

If you get a sugar rush from all these sweets, some savoury snacks would be an excellent option to rely on for keeping a balance.


In case you're buying the mithai for Diwali gifting, then Mithai & More has diwali sweets gift packs to turn your gifting experience into a remarkable one. You can show your gratitude with our sweets this Diwali. Get these decadent delicacies for yourself or your loved ones, and let us know your experience in the comments below.