8 Indian Sweets that are best enjoyed during monsoon

8 Indian Sweets that are best enjoyed during monsoon

Food and weather have some awesome connection with each other whose explanation is beyond words. Moreover, in countries such as India where we get to experience a lot of different weather, food becomes an important part to enjoy natural ambience and save a soothing memory of it.

In this blog, we are going to discuss a slightly ‘out of the box’ combination of food and weather. Here, we will be talking about the best Indian sweets to have in the monsoon season. Yes, you heard it write! We indeed will be talking about the top 8 Indian sweets that you can relish while enjoying the rains outside.

Monsoons are generally associated with tea or coffee or some spicy food in general. But, one should never forget the less talked about yet delicious sweets. Whether it is monsoon, the sweets have all the ingredients to make them a treat for your taste buds.

Therefore, without further wait, let us dive deep into the mix of things and see the sweets that will rule in the monsoon season!

1: Gulab Jamun

We will begin this list with the crowd favourite right at the top, Gulab Jamun. This Bengali sweet has ruled the hearts and minds of the customers all over India and world for ages now. During the monsoon season, the charm of Gulab Jamun will reach a new level. We will tell you how.

So during monsoon, as the weather gets a bit mesmerizing and people get the much-needed respite from heat, having hot Gulab Jamun is the best thing to taste. Moreover, you can pair this with some of your favourite monsoon snacks as well to have the perfect combination for the taste buds. In addition, when served cold as well, Gulab Jamun will have their taste intact. Thus, it will remain a ‘win-win’ situation for the customers

2: Dudh No Halvo

From the taste and flair of Bengal, we come straight to ‘Garvi Gujarat’ with our second Indian sweet that can be enjoyed best in monsoon. Dudh No Halvo is a premier Gujarati sweet khoya, almonds, and sugar. Moreover, at Mithai and More to balance the sweetness and give our customers the best taste, we add spices such as Nutmeg and Cardamom.

Another main ingredient in our Dudh No Halvo is the pure ghee that brings out all the amazing flavour and the beautiful texture of the sweet. Therefore, not only does Dudh No Halvo attract the eyes, but it is a ‘one of a kind experience’ for the taste buds as well. Besides having it in the monsoon season, Dudh No Halvo can be enjoyed with the family on birthdays, anniversaries and different festivals as well.

3: Thabdi Penda

We stay in Gujarat and move to the north eastern part of the state, Sabarkantha with our third sweet in the list. Thabdi Penda is one of the specialties of Sabarkantha that our customers can relish during the monsoon season.

It is a milk-based fudge that is prepared from khoya, full cream milk and sugar with a view to give delight to your taste buds. Just like Dudh No Halvo, Thabdi Penda is also made in pure ghee that brings out the flavours of the sweet in a perfect way.

Thabdi Penda will take your monsoon sweet consuming experience to another level as due to the pure ghee, it will be easier to chew and more so after one bite, it will melt in your mouth to enhance your overall taste. Moreover, Thabdi Penda is a flamboyant sweet that can be consumed on special occasions as well along with the monsoon season. 

4: Kesar Penda

Another stalwart from our Penda series of sweets is Kesar Penda. Now much has been spoken about the richness of taste and pleasure that kesar or saffron brings to the table. Kesar Penda has all the good qualities of deliciousness that you can associate with saffron. Along with this, the luxurious milk-based fudge has the well-known goodness of almonds as well, making it a must have sweet during the monsoon season.

This traditional sweet is originally from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, and has khoya and cardamom powder as one of its main ingredients along with saffron and almonds. Kesar Penda is a fine mixture of burst of sweetness and crunchiness as all the dominant ingredients are amalgamated in a proper way.

5: Shreeji Penda

Staying with the Pendas, the fifth sweet that our customers can relish in the monsoon season is our own Shreeji Penda. At Mithai and More, we understand the taste and preferences of our Amdavadi customers. Thus, by taking that into consideration, we have Shreeji Penda that is a succulent milk fudge making it a luxurious treat.

From Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, we have come back to Gujarat. This sweet has the perfect combination of full cream milk, sugar and khoya. And like we do with all our Penda sweets at Mithai and More, to balance the sweetness of Shreeji Penda, we have added nutmeg and cardamom as well.

6: Churma Ladoo

With the sixth sweet in the list, we move northwards from Gujarat and enter ‘Rangilo Rajasthan’. Churma Ladoo is a spherical shaped Indian sweet hailing from Rajasthan that is enriched with jaggery sesame seeds and coconut.

The perfect blend of besan, wheat flour and pure ghee gives an immaculate flavour to Churma ladoo making it another amazing sweet to have in the monsoon season. Along with this, Churma ladoo also has premium dry fruits such as cashews, almonds and pistachios. Thus, it will be safe enough to say that Churma Ladoo is a wholesome sweet to enjoy during the monsoons.

7: Premium Halwasan

We head back to Gujarat again from Rajasthan and bring in front of you Premium Halwason from Khambhat. This traditional Gujarati sweet is garnished with dry fruits to give it exquisite taste, crunch and flavour. Moreover, the main ingredients in Premium Halwasan are milk, edible gum, curd, nutmeg and wheat flour.

Premium Halwason has a fudge-like texture, which makes it one of the top-rated sweets to have during the monsoon season. Do give it a try and you will be thanking us later!

8: Kesar Mohanthal

We have saved the best for the last, haven’t we? Kesar Mohanthal is a sweet that needs no introduction. It is an exotic combination of flour fudge cooked in pure ghee that gives amazing flavour and texture.

At Mithai and More, we maintain the authenticity of Kesar Mohanthal to the core. Thus, the moment you take a bit of this sweet, it just melts, leaving you wonderstruck with its superlative flavours. Thus, during the monsoon season, Kesar Mohanthal is hard to resist.

As you can see in the list, at Mithai and More, we will forward the best taste for our customers from all over India. Thus, this monsoon season, don’t hold back and enjoy the rains with premium and quality sweets at Mithai and More. We are more than happy to serve you! Moreover, along with the above-mentioned sweets, we have a plethora of other varieties as well. Do give that a look as well by visiting our products section.