7 sweets to offer as prasad to goddess this Navratri 

7 sweets to offer as prasad to goddess this Navratri 

We Indians possess a splendid food heritage, and are absolutely passionate about food. Food is a major aspect of every celebration whether it's festivals, birthdays or even a party. Celebrations are the perfect occasions to indulge and are the perfect opportunity to savour your favourite sweets. Every region of our country is home to its own sweet treat that make the festive time more enjoyable. Naturally, you can have them anytime, however they have an extra significance during the festivals.

Now that we are talking about festivals, Navratri will be here in a few days, which means that the preparations for the celebrations will soon begin at all homes. From deciding on what to wear for the garba night, and arranging for food to choosing the most suitable mithais to serve as Prasad, we're always seeking ways to make this day unforgettable for everyone.

As we plan everything for the celebrations, it can never be complete without the sumptuous Indian desserts. Here are some delicious Indian navratri sweets for 9 days to enjoy during this festive season.

  • Kaju Katli

  • Kaju katli is a classic cashew fudge that is loved by everyone. It is the perfect Indian dessert to satisfy the sweet cravings and also the best choice for prasad to offer to the Goddess on this Navratri. It's one of the sweet treats that is delicious and created using the most adored nuts, cashews. Cashews that are of the best quality bestow a delicious flavour to the mithai. The richness of Cashews provides the creamy, smooth texture and mouthfeel of the mithai that melts into your mouth as soon as you take a bite. The intense flavour makes it a favourite treat among every age group.

  • Motichoor Ladoo

    Motichur ladoo is one of the most popular Indian sweets made from small balls, often referred to as boondi. The tiny balls are made with pure ghee and gram flour to lend an authentic touch, which makes it a must try for all. They melt in your mouth and disappear. Reviving the spirit of festivals, any celebration is incomplete without this delicious sweet. It is among the top Indian Sweets for Navratri and Dussehra. You can pick between the two varieties in the sizes of 250 and 500 grams.

  • Halwasan

  • Originating from Khambhat Gujarat, Halwasan is a typical Gujarati sweet. It's a Classic Indian sweet prepared with finely ground wheat flour, edible gum, curd, milk, and Nutmeg. With a sprinkle of Dry fruits, this sweet provides an exceptional taste with a fantastic crunch. It has a gooey texture that is reminiscent of a fudge and is something that you must try. You can choose from two versions in the sizes of 250 grams and 500 grams. Order your khambhat halwasan online  on Mithai & More’s website.

  • Rasmalai 

  • We're certain that just coming across the name Rasmalai will make your mouth water. It's not an exaggeration to state that Rasmalai is among the most popular name when we talk about authentic Bengali sweets.

    Rasmalai is a traditional Indian Bengali sweet that is prepared with sugar and milk as the primary ingredients. It is usually served at special occasions, and you can enjoy it both hot as well as cold. No matter what the occasion, Rasmalai can bring flavour to anything. Order your favourite Bengali sweets online and get it delivered at the comfort of your home. 

  • Dudh No Halvo

  • Dudh No Halvo is a delicious and amazing Indian sweet that is created using khoya, almonds, and sugar in addition to milk. To balance the sweetness, we at Mithai and More include spices like Nutmeg and Cardamom.

    Alongside the other ingredients, the richness comes from the pure Ghee that places Dudh No Halvo into a class that is its own. Pure ghee is the key ingredient that brings out the gorgeous texture and incredible taste of the sweet, making it a classic.

    Dudh No Halvo is one of the most delicious sweets that can be enjoyed to mark special occasions or festivals and create an unforgettable experience for everyone.

  • Malai Penda 

  • A creamy milk-based fudge - Malai Penda, can be described as an indulgence above the realm of luxury with wonderful flavour and delightful aroma. Malai Penda is a North Indian sweet delight from Mathura. It is made using Khoya, sugar and whole cream milk. The richness of the khoya comes via a distinct method that involves curdling of the full fat milk. It's the perfect dish to serve during occasions like Krishna Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri or any other celebration. The rich texture and mouthfeel make it a favourite option among adults as well as children.

  • Gulab Jamun 

  • We had saved the 'best for the last'. This is the most coveted national dessert of India that is impossible to resist even when on a diet. It is also the ideal sweet treat to serve to goddesses on Navratri as Prasad. And when you shop for the traditional sweets for Navratri from Mithai and More, we'll certainly elevate the experience to the highest level.

    We believe that when it concerns Bengali sweets, we're top of the line. We have years of experience and exceptional quality, along with the most delicious flavour that our customers can enjoy with their families and friends at festive times. A box is packed with 12 beautiful pieces of Gulab Jamun, that comes with an average shelf life of 25 days. 

    We have created our mithai to celebrate your special day and show your gratitude with sweets. We hope you find our list of navratri desserts & sweets useful. Mithai & More is the best choice for you to order sweets online in India