7 sweets to make your sibling's bond sweeter

7 sweets to make your sibling's bond sweeter

Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner, so the preparations to celebrate the festive occasion would have already started at every home. From deciding what gifts to buy and the best mithais to serve for the delicious meal, we are looking for ways to make the day more memorable for our siblings and cousins. When we are planning all the things for the occasion, it can never be complete without the delicious Indian desserts. It doesn't matter if it's Rasmalai, a gulab jamun, or some other sweet, let's look at the sweets you can get in the comfort of our home and then enjoy with our loved ones!

Are you planning to throw a rakhi party at your home? Here are some mithai ideas to make this day more memorable for your family and friends.

1. Choco Moon Peda

This Choco Moon Peda is for the sibling who consumes, breathes and dreams of chocolate! It's a mouth-watering sweet that is bursting with the sweetness of coconut and the richness of the chocolate. Choco Moon is a delicious Indian sweet by Mithai and More with a tender coconut filling, wrapped with a milk chocolate coating of pure bliss. The rich texture and mouthfeel make it a favourite among children, and the unique flavour is loved by adults too. This sweet delight is one to try. This mithai is available to our customers in two different packages, 250 grams and 500 grams.

2. Assorted Bites

We have carefully curated a fusion of delicious sweets with unique flavours that will please your palate. The mildly sweet, delicious nutty flavour of cashews is incredible with cashew-based bites. Almond bites make for a great lunchbox snack. The rich flavour of pistachios in Pista bites adds an intriguing flavour. The Rose Bite is a beautiful flowery sweet that our experts make from the petals of roses and sugar. Chocolate is the most-loved flavour for adults and kids, making chocolate bite a fantastic treat.

Another variant of this sweet mix is Sugar-free Assorted Bites

3. Mava Mix 

The luscious milk-based Mava Mix is one of the top-selling sweets offered by Mithai and More, particularly during the festive season. It is the most popular when it comes to gifting during the holiday season. There are many reasons for the same—the main ones being the quality of hand-picked ingredients, the taste, and the overall packaging.

Additionally, Mava Mix is available to our customers in three distinct packaging sizes: 250 grams, 500 grams and 1 kg. The Mava Mix Mithai can last 25 days, and the customers need to keep it in a cool, dry area to taste great for a long time.

4. Special Kaju Mix 

The ideal match to satisfy one's cravings for sweets, our special Kaju Mix is an attractive option for gifting sweets. It's an amalgamation of delectable sweet treats made with the most loved nuts -- cashews. Cashews of the highest quality add a great flavour to the mithai. The goodness of Cashews provides the rich, smooth texture and mouthfeel to the mithai that melts into your mouth. Its intense flavour makes it a popular treat. It's a delicious dessert that anyone can enjoy.

Furthermore, the Special Kaju Mix is available to our customers in three distinct packaging options: 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1 KG. The Special Kaju Mix can last up to 25 days. Customers must keep it in a cool, dry area to enjoy the flavour to the very core.

5. Sugar free sweets combo 

This one is for the health & fitness freaks siblings who are always on a diet. You don't have to regret eating your favourite sweets anymore with Mithai & More by your side. Our selection of sugar-free sweets makes it easy to indulge in sweets guilt-free. Our sugar-free sweets taste the same as milk and dried fruit, making them a favourite treat for people with diabetes. It is also a low-calorie option for those concerned about their health and who want to reduce sugar intake. While enjoying your favourite sweets, you can still keep your calories under control. We at Mithai & More make sugarless sweets with high-quality, pure ingredients that won't compromise on taste. It is a healthier alternative to your regular sweets.

The best kind of love is the edible kind. Gift the sugar-free combo and celebrate your special sibling bond with it! The traditional cashew fudge with the ultimate Bengali sweet and everyone's favourite Rasgulla make up this unique combo for festivals. This combo includes a 200 gm pack of Kaju Katli and 475gm of Rasgulla. 

This combo is for the sibling who is your superhero, your ally in crime and your biggest cheerleader! This Rakhi combo offers the perfect combination of both featuring our traditional Sweet Shop treats and limited edition Rakhi sweets! Milk cake, combined with Gulab Jamun, makes for an excellent combination. There is no way that an Indian sweets list would be complete without Gulab Jamun. The package includes a 400g milk Cake along with 475gm Gulab Jamun.

This Rakshabandhan, take your Mithai experience to the next level with these delightful sweets. Get the best hampers filled with sweet abundance for your sibling. We have created our mithai to celebrate your special day and show your gratitude with sweets. Mithai & More will do all we can to make your gifting experience memorable. Let Mithai and More help you to share the joy with your loved ones the way we've always done --- with the elegance of mithai. You can buy sweets online from the comfort of your home if you wish.