7 Best Indian Wedding Sweets for Personalised Gifting

7 Best Indian Wedding Sweets for Personalised Gifting

Indian weddings will never take place without the traditional Indian Mithai. It's all about celebrating and sharing joy with your loved ones. Mithai is not just something to have on an occasion, but rather an indulgence in sweet delight with a sign of love and something that can instantly brighten up your mood.

Let's face it, organising a wedding can be an exhausting job. There are numerous things to do and many small details to look after. What if we told you that we could make one small yet crucial aspect of your wedding simpler? You don't need to look for a mithai shop in Ahmedabad, as Mithai & More has the Wedding Sweets gifting covered for you.

Why Mithai & More for Personalised Wedding Gifting?

If you are looking for a personal touch to your gifts and traditional Mithai that is bursting with flavours, then Mithai and More should be your choice. Indian wedding sweets can become dull with the same mithai products available in the market. However, we offer many more options than usual. Mithais from us will surely make your wedding day more memorable. We provide the Mithai as a way to celebrate traditions while enjoying the impeccable taste and quality.

Let us mention a few of our choices for Indian wedding sweets: 

  • Premium Halwasan

  • Emerging from Khambhat Gujarat, Halwasan is a traditional Gujarati sweet. It's a Classic Indian sweet prepared with coarsely ground wheat flour, edible gum, milk, curd and Nutmeg. Sprinkled with Dry fruits, it offers an exquisite flavour with an incredible crunch. With a texture reminiscent of fudge, this sweet with a gooey texture is something you must try. You can pick from the two variants in sizes of 250 gm and 500 gm. 

  • Penda
  • A delicious milk-based fudge that is bursting with the richness of saffron, and the sweetness from Almonds, Kesar Penda makes an exquisite flavorful treat. Originating from Mathura, this sweet is made using almonds, cardamom, khoya and saffron milk. The saffron adds rich flavours and the almonds provide the perfect crunch. Kesar Penda is a special treat with the dominant flavours of saffron.

    A creamy milk-based fudge, Malai Penda, can be described as an indulgence beyond luxurious. Malai Penda is a North Indian sweet delight from Mathura in India, made with Khoya and whole cream milk and sugar. The khoya's rich texture comes through a unique process that involves curdling the whole fat milk. It's an ideal dish to serve at celebrations such as Krishna Janmashtami. The thick texture and mouthfeel make it a popular choice for children, while the adults enjoy the delightful taste and fantastic aroma.

    A must-try milk-based fudge, our delicious Thabdi Penda is a splendid indulgence. The recipe of this famous sweet hails from Saurashtra, Gujarat. Thabdi Penda is a traditional sweet treat made using Khoya, Full Cream Milk and sugar. Pure ghee accentuates the flavour of the sweet to perfection. The luscious sweet is widely consumed at religious occasions and festivals. You can choose among the two variants in sizes of 250 grams and 500 grams.

    Motichur ladoo is among the most sought-after Indian sweets made of tiny balls, also known as boondi. The fine balls are prepared with pure ghee and gram flour, making it a must-try for everyone. They melt effortlessly in your mouth and then disappear. Invigorating the spirit of celebration, Diwali is incomplete without this beautiful sweet. You can choose among the two variants in sizes of 250 grams and 500 grams.

    Mohanthal is an exotic fudge made from gram flour and pure ghee that lends it a unique texture and flavour. The traditional sweet comes from authentic Gujarati cuisine and is something one must try. Taking the first bite of Mohanthal will completely melt in your mouth and leave you in awe with its delicious flavours. An extremely fragrant Mohanthal is a mouth-watering sweet and difficult to resist. Spices like Saffron and Cardamom offer a luscious flavour and an enthralling aroma. Other than the wedding gifting, if you're craving something sweet, you can place an order and buy mohanthal online

  • Sugar-Free Sweets combo

  • There's no reason to be regretful when savouring your favourite sweets. Thanks to Mithai & More. Enjoy guilt-free eating with our selection of sugar-free sweets. With the same flavour of milk and dried fruits, our sugar-free sweets are perfect for individuals with diabetes. Also, it is a low-calorie alternative for fitness freaks and health-conscious people who want to limit their sugar intake. You can keep your calories in check while devouring your favourite sweets. Mithai & More's sugar-free sweets are made from pure and high-quality ingredients to ensure that your health stays in check without sacrificing taste. It's a healthier option instead of your usual sweets.

    The traditional cashew fudge with the ultimate national dessert of India would be the perfect combo for your near and dear ones. This combo includes a 200gm pack of Kaju Katli and 475gm Gulab Jamun. 

    We at Mithai and More will take your Mithai experience to the next level with this delicious combo of Besan Ladoo & Rasgulla. This combo includes a 400gm pack of Besan Ladoo and 475gm of Rasgulla. 

    Milk cake, along with Gulab Jamun, makes for a superb combo. No Indian sweet list is complete without mentioning Gulab Jamun. This combo includes a 400gm pack of Milk Cake and 475gm of Gulab Jamun. 

    We create our Mithai for your special day to express your love through sweets. Mithai & More will do everything to ensure that your gifting experience is unforgettable. Let Mithai & More allow you to share your joy with those you love by the means we have always done with the beauty of Mithai. We at Mithai & More know how vital and emotional your wedding day is, and our Mithai experts ensure you're contented at each step. You can even buy sweets online  from the comfort of your home if you wish.