6 Colourful holi sweets of India you must try. | Mithai and More

6 Colourful holi sweets of India you must try. | Mithai and More

Springtime, vibrant colours, water balloons, pleasant food, funny-looking people, and you have figured the occasion. Holi is the most fun-filled festival where people of all ages gather to enjoy the festive vibes with utmost joy and happiness. It is a day to celebrate love, to mend broken relationships, to have fun, throw colours and water balloons on each other and to indulge in several delicacies with pleasure.

In India, we celebrate every festival with sheer enthusiasm. And the diversity here adds to the festive mood even more. There is no question about how good food and sweet delights add life to these occasions. Be it any Indian festival; it is incomplete without its food. Holi is one such festival that is all about traditional holi food and celebrations.

Every Indian celebration consists of sweets, and so does Holi. They play a vital role in the festival of colours as they are the measures of joy and good luck. Nobody will allow you to step out of their house without the traditional “muh meetha” custom, which means you cannot leave without being treated with holi sweets.

Here we have brought you a list of some of our favourite holi festival sweets: 

  1. Rasmalai

Yearning for a mouth-watering dessert? There is no other Indian dessert that will satisfy you the way, a dish of Rasmalai would. Spongy balls of cottage cheese cooked in thick milk syrup, topped with saffron, pistachio and almonds for an amazing burst of flavours. Heavenly yellow coloured sweet, Rasmalai is a classical Indian festival dessert made with milk and sugar. People serve this special dish of holi, both hot and cold. 

The gorgeous blend of these extremely soft balls soaked in the goodness of creamy rabri absolutely specifies pleasure. There is no other way, you would want to finish a wholesome meal than to dive in the magnificence of this Bengali sweet dish. Paneer is the core ingredient that goes into cooking this lip-smacking dessert. Delight your loved ones with this dessert, this Holi. 

  1. Barfi

What is better than a healthy and luscious holi special mithai? This holi, try Mithai and More’s Akhrot barfi for some crunchy fun. Brown coloured Akhrot Barfi is a North Indian fudge recipe usually made with mawa, ghee and roasted akhrot(walnut). Serve this tempting mithai to your loved ones on special occasions to enchant their taste buds. 

Walnuts, being rich in omega 3 and antioxidants, make for a healthy and nutritious dessert option. So, do not resist yourself or your kid from taking another piece. 

  1. Ladoo

One of the holi sweet dishes involve Ladoos. At Mithai & More you can get your hands on Churma ladoo, Bundi ladoo and Motichoor ladoo. Sweetened with jaggery and enriched with coconut and sesame seeds, classic churma is shaped into Churma ladoos. Bundi Ladoo is a sweet prepared from the besan or chickpea flour pearls. Deep-fried Bundi pearls are soaked in sugar syrup and shaped to round balls. Motichoor laddu, one of the most admired Indian sweets, is made from fine boondi, where the balls are tiny and are cooked with ghee. Made from gram flour, they’ll easily melt in the mouth. 

  1. Kesar Penda

Penda is one of the admired Indian Holi Mithai. Kesar Penda is a delicious, saffron-infused milk fudge. A traditional North Indian sweet made from khoya, sugar, saffron and cardamom. Filled with the richness of saffron and pistachios’ goodness, Kesar Penda makes for a flavourful delight. The saffron brings in a great flavour, and the pistachios add some crunchiness. At Mithai and More, apart from regular Kesar Penda, we also have a low-cal option for the health freaks. Who knew health and taste could be ensured at the same time! Order extra because these will disappear from the table in no time! 

  1. Lassi

The months of March-May are the hottest, and people make many summer drinks and coolers to quench their thirst and also to cool the body. Lassi is amongst the healthiest cooling options, which you can gulp down at anytime. While Holi falls during the hot months, you would like no other drink than sweet Lassi on the occasion with the scorching heat. At Mithai & More, you can find an assortment of colourful lassis to try, such as Plain lassi, Kaju Draksh lassi, Rose Lassi, Chocolate lassi and Rajwadi lassi. 

  1. Thandai

Thandai is an authentic cooling drink popular in the northern parts of India. It is made with a mix of dry fruits, seeds and a few spices. Thandai is also a Holi special sweet drink to mark the festivities. It is a traditional beverage that people have been drinking for so many years. Some people even add bhang in their thandai for some fun. 

 This thick, creamy & delicious drink is prepared with sugar, almond, cardamom, saffron and milk. It quenches your thirst and pleasures your taste buds like no other beverage. Being a nutritious drink, it also keeps you full for longer. Have a glass of thandai, and you are good to go.

Holi is an ideal occasion to binge on some of the beloved traditional recipes and enjoy some quality time with friends and family. Perhaps, the food and fun is what makes it one of our most treasured festivals of all times. So, do not forget to indulge in your favourite sweets with your loved ones this Holi.