6 Best Indian Snacks

6 Best Indian Snacks

‘Food is the ingredient that binds us together’- Unknown

We indeed agree to the above statement that food has this magical quality to bind people and make them united. Moreover, in a country like India where different cuisines have their own importance, food becomes an important entity in itself.

In our previous blogs where we discussed the different sweets of India, we found out that it's their ingredients that make them one of a kind. Just like the sweets, in this blog, we are going to discuss the best crispy Indian snacks that we all enjoy and can enjoy any moment.

While making the list of the 6 best Indian snacks, we at Mithai and More have made sure to pick only the best from every genre. The reason behind this is rendering the best taste has been our main priority and that same thing has been the basic gauging meter.

So without further ado, let us get started!

1: Khari

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Toast’? Crunchiness, isn’t it? Well, if you choose to buy your next packet of toast at Mithai and More, you will get all the crunchiness, all the flavours and all the taste. This is because we put forward only the best products with ingredients of the highest order.

Just like Khari, with toast too, we can have our customers be in the ‘problem of plenty’. The best-selling options in toasts are:

Looking at the options, you will realise that we have covered all bases when it comes to different priorities of customers according to their taste. In addition, with these many options in Khari, it becomes easier for the customer to choose a snack for every mood and occasion. To know more, please visit our bakery collections section.


2: Toast

We will begin with the humble yet delicious Khari that has been our constant companion for generations now. ‘Khari and Tea’ in the morning especially or for that matter any time is a ‘Match Made in Heaven’.

At Mithai and More, we have a plethora of options for our customers when it comes to Khari. The top mentions in that list are:

One peculiar quality of this top Indian snack is that people can have it either with tea or coffee or just by itself as well. Thus, a good, tasty toast can be your buddy in all phases of the day, whether you are craving for a midnight snack or having it with your morning tea. So come, buy the best toast at Mithai and More and give a treat to your taste buds.


3: Chana Dal

Another top product in our ‘coveted crunchiness category’ is everyone’s favorite Chana Dal. Along with being extremely tasty, this top Indian snack gives us a nostalgic feeling as well. It reminds us of the simple days, devoid of the modern-day hustle and bustle, where families used to enjoy Chana Dal with their near and dear ones.

At Mithai and More, we strive to bring back that nostalgic feeling along with that authentic taste in our Chana Dal. Be it munching them while watching your favourite movie or a cricket match, or just having a light-hearted chat with your loved ones, Chana Dal fits in every moment. Have it to enjoy the simpler times yet again.

4: Nadiyadi Mix

With Nadiyadi Mix, we bring forward the authentic taste of Gujarat. Well, the popularity of the Nadiyadi Mix is well known and no top Indian snack list would get completed without mentioning its name. Whether you talk about the spicy taste or the different types of flavours you get in one box, Nadiyadi Mix has something for everyone.

This top Indian snack takes care of the crunchiness with the plethora of different ingredients. Moreover, if you are a fan of spicy food to give a new kick to your taste buds, Nadiyadi Mix fulfils that requirement as well. Therefore, it will be safe enough to say that if you buy a packet of Nadiyadi Mix from Mithai and More, you would have a ‘bowl full of happiness’ to taste and experience to the core.

5: Dal Munth

Just like the above-mentioned Chana Dal, Dal Munth too stands in a league of its own. Dal Munth is really popular especially during the Diwali time thus it was evident that it would have a special mention in this list.

The essence of this top Indian snack is the amount of variety in taste and crispness that it brings in. Thus, keeping the preference of our ‘Amdavadi’ customers in mind, we have made sure to keep the crispness intact and add our own flavour to it. Thus, if you buy Dal Munth at Mithai and More, you will have all the richness of the authentic taste and along with that you will have a welcome innovation to try.

Therefore, as we say, at Mithai and More, you will get ‘best of both worlds’, be it sticking to the traditional taste or bringing in some innovation for the betterment.

6: Jeera Khakhra

You must be thinking that here we are talking about the top Indian snacks to have and there is no mention of Khakhra. Well, we save the best for the last. Jeera Khakhra is one of our best-selling Indian snacks and like every other snack in the list, you can have it anytime with whatever combination you like.

One of the USPs of Jeera Khakhra is that along with the taste, it is light to the body as well. Therefore, you can munch this amazing Gujarati snack without feeling the guilt of putting extra weight to your body. The customers can have Jeera Khakhra around the whole year as this snack is easily available and is for all seasons.

Just like the different Indian sweets, the top Indian snacks have everything to give your taste buds a good time. Snack time can be enjoyed with family or alone at your leisure time. We at Mithai and More understand the importance snacks have in your diet routine. Therefore, don’t wait and buy the best Indian snacks from Mithai and More at the earliest.