Five Must try Mango sweets

Five Must try Mango sweets

What is the essence of heaven in summers? Well the answer is pretty simple, you enjoying the relishing taste of mango with your family on a hot summer afternoon. Mango, as we all know, has been an integral part of our childhood. Along with being delicious, Mango is highly nutritious as it has good amounts of Vitamin A and C. Thus, mango flavoured sweets are the best things that you can have in summer.

Yes, mixing the flavours of the ‘King of fruit’ with your favourite sweet will tickle your sweet tooth just in the right amount. At Mithai and More, we bring for you an array of different mango sweets that will help you enjoy the summer season to the fullest.

Mango is the perfect fruit that one can include in his/her diet in the summer season. Moreover, the ever so delicious mango-flavoured sweets will be a treat for your taste buds. It will also help in making your time memorable.

In this blog, we have listed 6 of the best must try mango sweets that will add sweetness to your life this summer. We present you the best sweet mango pampering essentials.

Here we go!

1. Mango Crunch

Mango crunch has all the richness of mango and the tinge of flavoured sweetness added. It has all the goodness of dry fruits and chocolates along with the majestic influence of mango. Each and every bit of the crunch will fill your mouth with the goodness of tasteful mangoes with a slight tinge of rose and other dry fruits.

At Mithai and More, the Mango Crunch is available in a 500 gm and 1 KG pack. Thus, not only is it full-filling for a family but it can be used easily for a larger gathering as well. And be rest assured, once people would have our Mango Crunch, it becomes the ‘super star’ of any party. Because, with each of our Mango sweets and other products, our main motto is complete customer satisfaction.

2. Mango Shrikhand or Mango Matho

Shrikhand is also known as Mango Matho in other parts of India. It is a very important constituent of the traditional food items that are served during summers in Gujarat and Maharashtra. We make our Mango Shrikhand just as our customers like it. We only use components that are made with real milk and refrain from adding any other preservatives.

Customer satisfaction is the biggest thing we get from our business. Our Mango Shrikhand has a shelf life of 6 months. All you need to do is to keep it in an environment ranging from 20-25 degree centigrade. Once that is taken care of, the rich mango and other natural ingredients keeps the Mango Shrikhand afresh. Moreover, if you wish to store it for a year, you can preserve it at 24-29 degree centigrade without opening the box.

3. Mango Lassi

Lassi in any form is just heavenly during the summer season. But when it comes to Mango Lassi, nothing can come even close to it. The delicious combination of yogurt and mango has the capacity to bring delight to every mouth. At Mithai and More, our Mango Lassi has something extra.

By keeping all the safety guidelines in mind, we handpick all the ingredients that we use in making Mango Lassi and our other sweets. Thus, our ‘care’ for our customers is the added ingredient which makes our Mango Lassi ‘extra special’. This ingredient you will seldom find anywhere else.

Moreover, we blend in both Mango and yogurt in equal proportion so that essence of both the ingredients is not lost. Since the essence remains intact, our customers get the best product.

4. Mango Rasmalai

He is our fine craftsman and ‘taste specialist’ uses their creativity and blend in Mango with the taste of Bengal that is Rasmalai. We all know that Rasmalai is the traditional sweet of Bengal. Thus, keeping the interests of our customer in mind, we made a fusion of the ‘best sweet’ from Bengal and the ‘Best fruit’ in the world.

Mango Rasmalai is delicious. Its taste is not only beneficial for the tongue, but its essence becomes therapeutic for the mind as well. Mango Rasmalai at Mithai and More comes in a pack of 500 g, thus it is optimally sufficient to feed a whole family. We understand the importance of a perfect ‘sweet’ and that is why we have Mango Rasmalai for you.

5. Mango Shake

If we say that mangoes are the ‘heart and soul’ of the summer season, it will not be an overstatement. Moreover, at Mithai and More, we understand the position Mango holds in a household during the summer season.

Thus, we have brought for you a premium Mango Shake that is cool, tempting and rich full of taste. We blend the ripe mango pieces with milk and sugar so that our customers just dwell into the taste and have a time of their life. Our Mango Shake comes in 500 G and 1KG bottles. Therefore, along with being rich in quality, our Mango Shake ticks off the quantity aspect as well.

So this summer season, treat yourself and your family with our premium Mango Shake.

Mango undoubtedly is a fruit that when used as a sweet can just enhance the taste and texture of it. At Mithai and More, although we innovate with the sweet mango pampering essentials, we do not play with the roots. We also take note of the customer feedback and understand their needs before making any innovations.

Each of our Mango sweets is made in hygienic environment and no added preservatives are used in it. Because, we believe in keeping the taste but also maintaining the health of our customers.