5 Must Try Bengali Sweets

5 Must Try Bengali Sweets

India is a place of different cultures and cuisines. And this allows the people to treat themselves with different cuisines from different states and cities and have varieties in your food. Especially at the time of festivals, the charm of having different sweets from different states reaches a new level. One such inseparable combination is having Bengali sweets during the time of Diwali.

Things that make Bengali sweets different from their counterparts is their immaculate ingredients and the taste it has maintained over the years. Moreover, it has rich flavours that become a treat for your taste buds and play an important role in making the Diwali festival even more exciting.

Thus in this blog, we will discuss the 5 must try Bengali sweets that you can have this Diwali. At Mithai and More, we hold a strong hand in making the best Bengali sweets available in the market and thus have brought forward only the best in this list.

Therefore, without further delay, let us get started!

1: Rasmalai

We are pretty sure that just reading the name of Rasmalai is enough to make your mouth water. It will not be an overstatement to say that Rasmalai is one of the stalwarts when it comes to authentic Bengali sweets.

Rasmalai is a classical Indian Bengali sweet that has milk and sugar as its main ingredients. It is served on special occasions and people can have it in both hot and cold. Be it celebrating important days such as birthdays and marriage anniversaries or enjoying festivals like Diwali and Rakshabandhan with your family, Rasmalai would add flavours to everything.

At Mithai and More, Rasmalai is a completely vegetarian sweet. Moreover, the customers should not forget to store it at a cool and dry place to enjoy its taste in the most authentic way.

2: Malai Rasgulla

After Rasmalai, we take you to another famous sweet from the same family known as Malai Rasgulla. As the name itself suggests, the sweet has all the richness and flair of Rasgulla and Malai. Thus, this Diwali, if you wish to have the goodness of Bengali sweets in its optimal form, Malai Rasgulla is the way to get forward.

The main ingredients of Malai Rasgulla are cottage cheese and milk. To add to the taste, we at Mithai and More also add dry fruits such as Cashew and Pistachio. This kind of exotic preparation is done to sooth the taste buds of our customers so that they can enjoy the brilliance of Bengali sweets in the way it is meant to be. Along with the dry fruits, we also add saffron to give it a different flavour and present more options to choose from for our customers.

3: Kamal

Kamal is one of the specialties at Mithai and More as far as Bengali sweets are concerned. One of the USPs of having Kamal from Mithai and More is that we offer different varieties and flavours in the sweet that are not easily available in the market. Thus, due to the varieties, it is possible for the customers to have everything under one roof without any hassle.

Along with being tasty, delicious and full of authentic flavours, Kamal is cost effective as well. It is a completely vegetarian sweet. In addition to this, the customers have to make sure that they store the sweet in a cool and dry place. It will keep all the flavours of the sweet intact and will allow you to enjoy Kamal in the best way possible.

4: Badam Kali

Like all the exuberant Bengali sweets mentioned in the list thus far, Badam Kali is another fun and delicious addition to it. Just like the name of the sweet, Badam Kali has almond as one of its main ingredients along with milk and sugar. Moreover, at Mithai and More, we make sure to include only the real ingredients so as to render the same taste of the sweet. We do innovate with our sweets but not at the expense of dismantling their originality.

Along with almonds, in Badam Kali you will have pistachio, optimal sprinkling of edible silver, milk and cheese among the rest. We guarantee you one thing that once you buy Badam Kali from us, it will not be anything less than an experience for you. We are the master of our art and know the likes and dislikes of our customers to the core.

5: Malai Chap

Last in the list we have certainly a showstopper for you. Malai Chap is an immaculate and exquisite Bengali sweet that has taste and deliciousness written all over it. And like all the other Bengali sweets, one of the major reasons behind the success of Malai Chap is its ingredients.

Yes, along with milk and sugar, Malai Chap has saffron and almond as one of its major ingredients. Moreover, at Mithai and More, we also add cardamom to render even tastier Malai Chap’s to our customers.

Malai Chap is a great sweet if you want to give it to your near and dear ones. Like the rest of the Bengali sweets, Malai Chap is also a vegetarian sweet and has to be stored in a cool and dry place.

The class and authenticity of Bengali sweets are second to none. Thus, at Mithai and More, right from our inception, we have made sure to make only the best ones for our customers. We only include the original ingredients so as to make sure that the real taste of the sweet is not lost anywhere. Moreover, along with the above mentioned sweets, we have a whole range of Bengali sweets that you can have and enjoy with your near and dear ones.