5 Best Dairy Products by Mithai and More

5 Best Dairy Products by Mithai and More

From our humble beginnings in the early 1980s (1982), Shreeji Dairy has been the epitome of class and quality. In the last four decades, we have served esteemed and top-rated clientele with our tasty and delicious dairy products.

Right from our inception, our main aim was to render quality. Moreover, with time, we have evolved our work ethics and that is the reason why we have stood the test of time and are still relevant in the industry. Along with the quality of the products, we at Shreeji Dairy understand the changing needs of our customers thoroughly.

Therefore, in this blog, we have listed the 5 best dairy products that you can buy from us. These products are the ‘best among the best’ and have been ruling the roots for quite some time now.

Thus, without further delay, let us begin!

1: Malai Paneer

Talking about the dairy products at Shreeji Dairy, it is obvious to begin with the best, Malai Paneer. Our Malai Paneer is spongy and tender and enough to make your taste buds go ‘ga-ga’ over it. We at Shreeji Dairy, do not play with the authenticity of Paneer and always make it from fresh milk without any added preservatives. Along with taste and quality, the health of our customers is our top priority.


The process of making Paneer is pretty straightforward. It is made by curdling the milk using an acidic food ingredient. And we all are aware of the rich protein content of Malai Paneer. Thus, apart from being tasty, it is immaculately brilliant to maintain your overall health as well.

Its deliciousness and nourishing qualities make Malai Paneer an all-time favourite. And as compared to other brands in the market, Malai Paneer by Mithai and More is softer, high protein content and tastes better.

2: Matka Dahi

Food served in clay pots becomes rich in all the needed nutrients for the body that are extremely beneficial for us. And this is the reason why we at Shreeji Dairy have Matka Dahi, the thicker and richer version of Yogurt, full of taste and nutrients.

matka dahi

Matka Dahi, means eating yogurt in a clay pot in the traditional and authentic way to have Dahi. Moreover, the clay pots are heat resistant that saves the curd from turning sour, making it durable for a longer duration of time.

Along with being heat resistant, the clay pot contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sulphur, making Matka Dahi a ‘super food’. In addition, the clay pot adds to the overall taste of the curd, making it a must have. At Shreeji Dairy, we always aim to bring health and taste together and Matka Dahi is a prime example of it.

3: Desi Butter

From one Indian authentic dairy product, we move to another one and present before you Desi Butter. Butter as we all know is a by-product of milk, but its amazing benefits and taste makes us grateful for it. Desi Butter is fantastic in Texture and flavour and is one of the staple ingredients used to spread on bread and toasts, etc.

Desi Butter

Along with the taste, Desi Butter has high nutritional value as well as it is rich with Phosphorus, Vitamin A, Calcium, Vitamin D, etc. It is produced by churning the cow’s milk and this process eventually increases the overall softness, texture, flavour and taste of Desi Butter.

4: Buttermilk

Here comes another show-stopper from Shreeji Dairy. Imagine a hot summer afternoon and you are drenched looking for something fresh to drink. We can assure you of the fact that no matter how many cold drinks or other cool beverages you have, nothing will come closer to ButterMilk.

Desi Butter

Yes, ButterMilk which is also known as Chaas is one of the best things that one can consume during the summers. Buttermilk is a fine amalgamation of spices, water and creamy blend of yogurt that is amazingly good for the body along with being refreshing. It is one of the healthiest cool drinks that will quench your thirst and give your body the ideal nourishment it needs during the scorching heat.

One can have ButterMilk as a standalone drink or can consume it after the meal as well. It helps in keeping the water levels intact during summer.

5: Rajwadi Lassi

You must be thinking that here is a list of the best dairy products by Shreeji Dairy and there is no mention of Rajwadi Lassi? Well, now you have got your wishes answered. Made with top-rated yogurt and by adding dry fruits such as cashews, almonds, pistachios, etc. having Rajwadi Lassi at Shreeji Dairy is no less than an experience in itself.

Rajwadi lassi

Just like the Butter Milk, the Rajwadi Lassi is hailed as one of the best coolers during summers. Besides being cooler, the Rajwadi Lassi is filling as well as it has a denser texture of yogurt and has other ingredients such as dry fruits as well. Moreover, to add the layer of taste, we add a tinge of saffron to give the best product to our customers.

We at Shreeji Dairy serve our Rajwadi Lassi in Kullad to not only keep the taste but also keep its rich ingredients intact as well. Moreover, it is served in a traditional vessel to keep the royal ness of the summer drink and the customers can enjoy it in the best form.

Shreeji Dairy, since its inception has been on a constant route of evolution and upgrade. We have one sole aim to render the best possible products to our customers which they can enjoy with their family and friends. The above-mentioned 5 best dairy products from us are just the crest. If you want to know more about our amazing product range and what kind of varieties we serve, please visit our store near you or Mithai and More.

Moving forward, we will keep our legacy of 40 years going and will continue to serve our customers to the best of our abilities.