5 + 1 Must have Gujarati Snacks

5 + 1 Must have Gujarati Snacks

Gujarati snacks need no introduction. They are famous for their taste, quality and of course easy to carry nature. Yes, most of the Gujarati snacks are dry and thus have more shelf life and are easy to carry anywhere.

At Mithai and More, we make the best in class Gujarati snacks that are not only savory and flavourful, but also have that much needed Gujarati touch that makes the snacks different from the rest. In addition, we make the snacks in such a way that it feels like they are made in the home kitchen, thus taking care of the nostalgia factor as well.

Here, we will discuss the top must have Gujarati snacks that are universal and will go well alone or with any kind of food combination. Moreover, since we are exploring the spicy side of the Gujarati food items, the snacks we have kept in this list are spicy in nature as well.

5 must have gujarati farsan and a bonus

1: Methi Khakhra

Let us begin with everyone’s favorite snack, our beloved Methi Khakhra. There have been times during the day whether you are at the office or home that you have felt hungry between the meals. And that hunger is not like having a big meal, just something tasty and crunchy to munch on.

Methi Khakhra is the ideal snack in this situation as it has all the ingredients to satisfy your hunger and also be tasty in nature. It also has nourishment of fenugreek in every bite so that along with the flavor, it takes care of the health as well.

If you are one looking for weight loss or looking for a remedy that helps in improving digestion, Methi Khakhra have got things covered for you. Therefore, due to all such amazing qualities, Methi Khakhra becomes one of the top must have Gujarati Snacks. Moreover, you can order it online by visiting Mithai and More right now!

2: Jeera Khakhra

In a Gujarati Snack list, you cannot just get enough of the Khakhras. After discussing Methi Khakhra, we have Jeera Khakhra in the list for you. So if you are in a constant conundrum of choosing what snack to have with your evening tea, this simple Jeera Khakhra will render all the answers.

It is crispy and crunchy and made of the highest quality of ingredients as you know is the case with every item at Mithai and More. In addition, we make sure to package the snack effectively so that its freshness remains intact for a prolonged period of time.

3: Bhavnagri Gathiya

When we are talking about top Gujarati Snacks, we have to include the Bhavnagri Gathiya. An evening with your friends and family becomes even more memorable if we include the Bhavnagri Gathiya with tea.

They are super tasty and super crunchy made of mixing besan, black pepper, crushed carom seeds and a good proportion of water. We at Mithai and More make sure that the originality of the Bhavnagri Gathiya remains intact as this Gujarati Snack comes with a great reputation. Also, as we have an experienced team of chefs who thoroughly understand the taste of our customers, we add our flavors to this amazing Gujarati snack to make it even more irresistible and soothing to the taste buds.

4: Masala Puri

This superlative Gujarati snack can be your constant companion while having your morning or evening tea or coffee. One of the USPs of this Masala Puri is that it can be eaten as a farsan during breakfast, lunch and dinner or can be eaten alone as well.

It is made using wheat flour in large amounts. Along with the wheat flour, it has turmeric and chilli powder with oil and salt as the main ingredients. This snack is super durable as we at Mithai and More make sure to use the MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) in it to make sure that the food item remains edible for longer durations without the need of any preservatives.

Along with the evening snacks or complementing it with your daily food, Masala Puri can be enjoyed with sweets such as Mango Shrikhand and Aamras as well. Therefore, if you too want to enjoy this amazing Gujarati snack in its most delicious form, visit Mithai and More now!

5: Tikha Chawana

We know that the name of this Gujarati snack is enough to bring water to your mouth. Such is the aura, taste and deliciousness of Tikha Chawana. This snack is majorly used during the festival times like Holi, Diwali, Rakshabandhan, etc.

Tikha Chawana is an enjoyable evening time snack. Moreover, its effectiveness and taste depends on its quality of ingredients. And if you wish to have the best Tikha Chawana available in the market, you have to visit Mithai and More.

6: Chana Dal

The final product in our ‘coveted Gujarati snack category’ is the amazingly delicious Chana Dal. Along with being super tasty, this humble and easy to make snack takes us back to the days when life was simpler and strikes the right chord with the nostalgia factor as well. Everyone is reminded of their school days where we used to enjoy this snack with our friends and have a good time

You can munch this amazing snack while enjoying a movie, watching a cricket match or just having a fun-filled chit chat with your beloved friends, Chana Dal can dwell into any kind of mood perfectly.

It is safe enough to say that the Gujarati snacks are much more than just food, it is an emotion to most of the people who consume it. Thus it is inevitable to prepare these snacks in the most classical way possible. We at Mithai and More implement the same technique and thus are able to deliver amazing products to our customers. If you too want to enjoy the same experience, visit Mithai and More and order online from anywhere in India!