3 Mouth Watering Anjeer Sweets

3 Mouth Watering Anjeer Sweets

There is no denying the fact that sweets are an integral part of our Indian culture. We embrace sweets on all our important festivals, celebrating important occasions, weddings, birthdays, etc. In addition, there are particular sweets associated with a particular festival as well. For example, on Holi we have Gujiya, during Diwali there is Kaju Katli, Penda, etc.

In this immaculate list of sweets, there is one type of sweet that people often miss, the tasty Anjeer sweets. As the name itself suggests, the main ingredient of these sweets is Anjeer. Anjeer is a crunchy, sweet and delicious dry fruit that people consume majorly in winters to maintain energy as it is a powerhouse of minerals such as zinc, manganese, magnesium, etc. Therefore, you can understand how healthy would be the sweets that are made of Anjeer as its main ingredients.

Delicious Anjeer Sweets that are must have

At Mithai and More, we have a knack to amalgamate taste with health and this is the same thing that we have done while making the Anjeer sweets. We have made sure that at no point the taste of our customers is compromised, but at the same time we have also provided them the healthiest option available.

1: Kaju Anjeer Roll

A sweet made of two amazing dry fruits as its main ingredients, you cannot ask for more. As it is clear from the name, this sweet has all the richness and flair of Cashew along with Anjeer and is a marquee sweet to have during any season.

At Mithai and More, we prepare this sweet in a gluten-free way by cooking it in pure ghee. Therefore, along with keeping all the ingredients intact of the dry fruits, it also brings out the original flavor and texture of the sweet.

Kaju Anjeer Roll comes in cylindrical shape and due to the goodness of its ingredients and the way it is prepared at Mithai and More, it becomes one of the most loved Anjeer sweets. Our customers can relish this sweet on all the special occasions and festivals and have a wonderful and fun-filled time with their friends, family and loved ones.

2: Anjeer Kaju Shrikhand

Shrikhand alone is superlative sweet in itself and when it is mixed with the goodness and benefits of Cashew and Anjeer, it becomes an invincible combination. We guarantee you that once you taste the Anjeer Kaju Shrikhand at Mithai and More, you will not stop at one, such is the delight and deliciousness of the sweet is.

Along with the ingredients of the sweet, it is the method used to prepare the sweet that matters most in enhancing its taste and deliciousness. At Mithai and More, we make sure to include the traditional method of preparing the sweet that the authenticity and flavor of it is never compromised anywhere.

Moreover, our method of sticking to the roots and then doing experiments through our expertise makes us a class apart from our peers. Also, we have a high customer retention ratio which is a clear indicator of the fact that Mithai and More gives the best sweets, and treats the customers well.

3: Sugar free Anjeer Dry Fruit

This sweet creates a win-win scenario for everyone, the maker, the consumer, all are happy with the Sugar free Anjeer Dry Fruit. As you can see by the name, it has taste and health written all over it. Because, firstly instead of using sugar, we have gone through an alternative method and used stevia to make it sugar free. Along with that, in this sweet, you will find the richness of all the dry fruits along with Anjeer, a customer’s dream we must say!

One of the main purposes of making these sugar free sweets is to enhance the horizon of our customer base. We at Mithai and More understand that the eating habits of people all over India is changing pretty rapidly. Thus, to cope up with it and provide the best services in the market, we too are innovating our sweet making method and also keeping the traditional process intact.

People can enjoy Sugar Free Anjeer Dry Fruit without being in the guilt of consuming too many calories. It is healthy, tasty and it is for all seasons.

Mithai and More has a superlative collection of delicious, lip-smacking and amazing Anjeer sweets that can be enjoyed by one and all. Thus, if you too want to dwell into the richness, flair and taste of Anjeer sweets without being worried about your health, come visit the Mithai and More and order online from anywhere in India and we would be happy to serve you!