Masala Khakhra 250GM

Masala Khakhra 250GM

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Masala Khakhra is one of the most authentic ranges’ of khakhras that are made with the finest of ingredients. It is prepared with an aromatic blend of spices to give your ordinary Khakhra a refreshing twist. The exotic blast of flavours from the herbs will lighten up your mood in a jiffy. Even though you do not need anything with this Masala Khakhra as it is enough on its own, you can still try out a few easy recipes with Masala Khakhra to give your snacks an interesting twist. These mouthwatering and delicious Khakhras are great to serve during gatherings or celebrations with your loved ones and relatives. The effective packaging keeps the food's freshness intact.

Shelf Life
25 Days
Container Type Box
Food Preference
Storage Condition
Store in a cool dry place.

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