The winter season has its own delight and grace as it has something for everyone. From fashion enthusiasts to food to travel freaks, the winter season gives space to everyone to enjoy and fun. Especially when it comes to food and you have a sweet tooth, nothing can beat the winter season. With the dip in temperature, the warmth and taste of delicious sweets will give you moments of joy, the ones which you can cherish for good. At Mithai and More, we understand the importance of taste and thus render before you the best quintessential winter special sweets. Therefore, without further ado, it is time to relax and dive deep in the sea of the taste of amazing winter sweets we bring for you.


Khajur Pak from Mithai and More

Khajur Pak is a crowd favourite and there are many reasons behind it. Not only does eating dates helps your maintaining your health in winter, its sweet taste is just apt to mesmerize your taste glands. The high proportion of fibre and antioxidants in dates is good for diseases like diabetes, heart problems and many more. At Mithai and More, we take adequate care in the preparation of Khajur Pak maintaining high standards of cleanliness while giving immaculate taste to our customers. Allow us to add a spark of sweetness to your winter evenings or mornings or afternoons with our rich in flavour and taste Khajur Pak.


Sing or peanut chikki from Mithai and More

The crunchiness of groundnut mixed with glace and delightful jaggery and sugar will give a time of its life to your taste glands. Sing Chikki at Mithai and More is pleasantly different from its peers. Apart from mixing the ingredients in adequate and required quantity, we add a sprinkle of love and fondness too, as you find in your mother’s hand. In order to maintain the divinity of Sing Chikki, we at Mithai and More make invest time in making it easier to chew and the taste should melt enough in order to give the true essence of the chikki to the customer.


Methi Ladoo from Mithai and More

Apart from being miles ahead in taste, Methi Ladoos can also be used as a treatment to various ailments according to Ayurveda. At Mithai and More, we prepare Methi Ladoo keeping all its nutritional values intact apart from giving the best taste. Customer satisfaction is paramount for us. That is why with Methi Ladoo, we take care of even the smallest of ingredients so that the final product is up to the mark and our customers get their money worth. Along with the seeds of methi, jaggery and wheat flour are included in proper proportion to give the methi ladoo an attractive look along with an immaculate taste.


Dry fruit chikki from Mithai and More

Its winter season btw, and no winter season seems complete without dry fruit chikki, isn’t it? Dryfruit Chikki is crisp in taste and like all the top winter sweets; it has high nutritional values as well. The taste of almonds, chestnuts, a tinge of kesar, sugar and ghee, all mixed in the right amount at Mithai and More, because we cannot take your taste glands for granted. We take utmost care that the while we add our own uniqueness to the Dryfruit Chikki, it should not lose its age-old essence. In addition, we use top-quality ingredients as our sole aim to provide taste-worthy and cost worthy sweets to our customers.


Dates cookie bites from Mithai and More

Along with Khajur Pak, Dates cookies bites will give another taste and flavour-worthy option in our winter special series. Apart from being rich in taste, the Dates Cookies Bites at Mithai and More are buttery and chewy. The perks of having Dates Cookies bites at Mithai and More are that it will add another rich flavour that your sweet tooth might be missing. We shy away from the norms here in order to make taste rich Dates cookies bites and give our customers an eating experience they never had before.


Salam Pak from Mithai and More

Kesar, Walnut, Salampanja, almonds, pistas and more, Salam Pak will be a delight for your mouth, for your taste glands, for your mind and not bragging, for your soul as well. The reason why customers rate Salam Pak at Mithai and More very highly is that perform twin roles of being a health tonic and amazing in taste. At Mithai and More, we duly understand the importance Salam Pak has in Ayurveda and Unani System of medicine and thus work diligently to keep the essence of this winter sweet so that our customers remain ‘tastefully healthy’. You too can keep up your good health and enjoy tasty at the same time with Salam Pak at Mithai and More.


Tal Chikki from Mithai and More

What comes in your mind when we say ‘Makar Sankranti’? Apart from the kites and fun, it is all about food, undhiya, jalebi and tal chikki. At Mithai and More, you will have Tal Chikki in its raw, tasteful form with a tinge of love and kindness added, as we do with all our winter sweets. So, come with your family and friends and have the traditional Tal Chikki at Mithai and More. We add mouthwatering flavours along with the variety of seeds and nuts and we bet, you cannot just one of our Tal Chikki. With every bite, the desire to have more rises. This winter, give your taste buds their due treat while maintaining good health at the same time. We at Mithai and More are ‘more’ than happy to serve you.