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  1. 5 Must try Mango sweets

    5 Must try Mango sweets

    What is the essence of heaven in summers? Well the answer is pretty simple, you enjoying the relishing taste of mango with your family on a hot summer afternoon. Mango, as we all know, has been an integral part of our childhood. Along with being delicious, Mango is highly nutritious as it has good amounts of Vitamin A and C. Thus, mango flavoured sweets are the best things that you can have in summer.

    Yes, mixing the flavours of the ‘King of fruit’ with your favourite sweet will tickle your sweet tooth just in the right amount. At Mithai and More, we bring for you an array of different mango sweets that will help you enjoy the summer season to the fullest. 

    Mango is the perfect fruit that one can include in his/her diet in the summer season. Moreover, the ever so delicious mango-flavoured sweets will be a treat for your taste buds. It will also help in making your time memorable. 

    In this blog, we have listed 6 of the best must try mango sweets that will add sweetness to your life this summer. We present you the best sweet mango pampering essentials.

    Here we go!


    1: Mango Crunch

    Mango crunch has all the richness of mango and the tinge of flavoured sweetness added. It has all the goodness of dry fruits and chocolates along with the majestic influence of mango. Each and every bit of the crunch will fill your mouth with the goodness of tasteful mangoes with a slight tinge of rose and other dry fruits.

    At Mithai and More, the Mango Crunch is available in a 500 gm and 1 KG pack. Thus, not only is it full-filling for a family but it can be used easily for a larger gathering as well. And be rest assured, once people would have our Mango Crunch, it becomes the ‘super star’ of any party. Because, with each of our Mango sweets and other products, our main motto is complete customer satisfaction. 

    2: Mango Shrikhand or Mango Matho

    Shrikhand is also known as Mango Matho in other parts of India. It is a very important constituent of the traditional food items that are served during summers in Gujarat and Maharashtra. We make our Mango Shrikhand just as our customers like it. We only use components that are made with real milk and refrain from adding any other preservatives.

    Customer satisfaction is the biggest thing we get from our business. Our Mango Shrikhand has a shelf life of 6 months. All you need to do is to keep it in an environment ranging from 20-25 degree centigrade. Once that is taken care of, the rich mango and other natural ingredients keeps the Mango Shrikhand afresh. Moreover, if you wish to store it for a year, you can preserve it at 24-29 degree centigrade without opening the box.

    3: Mango Lassi

    Lassi in any form is just heavenly during the summer season. But when it comes to Mango Lassi, nothing can come even close to it. The delicious combination of yogurt and mango has the capacity to bring delight to every mouth. At Mithai and More, our Mango Lassi has something extra.

    By keeping all the safety guidelines in mind, we handpick all the ingredients that we use in making Mango Lassi and our other sweets. Thus, our ‘care’ for our customers is the added ingredient which makes our Mango Lassi ‘extra special’. This ingredient you will seldom find anywhere else. 

    Moreover, we blend in both Mango and yogurt in equal proportion so that essence of both the ingredients is not lost. Since the essence remains intact, our customers get the best product.

    4: Mango Rasmalai

    He is our fine craftsman and ‘taste specialist’ uses their creativity and blend in Mango with the taste of Bengal that is Rasmalai. We all know that Rasmalai is the traditional sweet of Bengal. Thus, keeping the interests of our customer in mind, we made a fusion of the ‘best sweet’ from Bengal and the ‘Best fruit’ in the world.

    Mango Rasmalai is delicious. Its taste is not only beneficial for the tongue, but its essence becomes therapeutic for the mind as well. Mango Rasmalai at Mithai and More comes in a pack of 500 g, thus it is optimally sufficient to feed a whole family. We understand the importance of a perfect ‘sweet’ and that is why we have Mango Rasmalai for you.


    5: Mango Shake

    If we say that mangoes are the ‘heart and soul’ of the summer season, it will not be an overstatement. Moreover, at Mithai and More, we understand the position Mango holds in a household during the summer season.

    Thus, we have brought for you a premium Mango Shake that is cool, tempting and rich full of taste. We blend the ripe mango pieces with milk and sugar so that our customers just dwell into the taste and have a time of their life. Our Mango Shake comes in 500 G and 1KG bottles. Therefore, along with being rich in quality, our Mango Shake ticks off the quantity aspect as well. 

    So this summer season, treat yourself and your family with our premium Mango Shake. 


    Mango undoubtedly is a fruit that when used as a sweet can just enhance the taste and texture of it. At Mithai and More, although we innovate with the sweet mango pampering essentials, we do not play with the roots. We also take note of the customer feedback and understand their needs before making any innovations.

    Each of our Mango sweets is made in hygienic environment and no added preservatives are used in it. Because, we believe in keeping the taste but also maintaining the health of our customers.

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  2. 6 must have summer special sweets

    6 must-have summer special sweets

    “You are what you eat, so eat something sweet”- Anonymous

    The essence of life is still in enjoying its ‘sweet’ little pleasures. And in the summer season when the mercury is on the rise, it becomes important to treat yourself in a delicious way to keep cool. For this summer desserts become a tasty and delicious option.

    Summer is all about eating right. You have to make sure that the sweets you are eating are cool with lighter ingredients. At Mithai and More, we have a whole range of delicious Indian sweets which will make your summer a ‘treat to remember. Yes, from mango shake to shrikhand to rasmalai to buttermilk, you name it and we’ll present the tastiest form of that sweet.

    Moreover, we are the ‘doctors of taste’ and thus include only the right ingredients that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

    Here, we have listed the six best Indian desserts for summer that will make summertime sweeter and mouth-watering for you.

    Let’s roll!


    1: Mango shake

    What better thing to have on a summer afternoon than a cool ‘mango shake’? Mango, known as the king of fruits is the main ingredient here. At Mithai and More, we give this traditional Indian dessert for summer a sweet little twist by adding rich add-on ingredients. Be it Pistachios, Almond, Cashew, etc., we try to make a perfect blend of the dry-fruit add-ons so that our customers get nothing but the best experience.

    Premium Mango Milk Shake from Mithai and More by Shreeji Dairy | Mithai and More

    Moreover, the essence of a mango shake is in its density and flavour. And with Mithai and More, we make sure that both these things are present in the summer dessert in just the right amount.


    2: Matka Dahi

    Dahi or ‘Curd’ is a very important ingredient in Indian food. With its cooling effect, Dahi is extensively used in summer as a beverage apart from being used to make delicious Indian sweets.

    Matka Dahi or Curd in an earthen bowl | Mithai and More

    Along with being tasty and delicious, Matka Dahi has some nutritional value as well that keeps the digestive system in order during summer. Moreover, as it is served in an earthen pot, the curd retains all its natural ingredients. Thus, Matka Dahi at Mithai and More is emphatic in taste and beneficial for the body as well.


    3: Rasmalai

    Rasmalai, there is taste written all over this delicious Indian sweet, beginning from the name itself. Originally a very popular Bengali delicacy, this Indian sweet is widely accepted across the country. The reason behind this is simple. The sweet is irresistible as it melts as soon as you put it into your mouth. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

    Mango Rasmalai from Mithai and More by Shreeji Dairy | Mithai and More

    At Mithai and More, we have Rasmalai in frozen Kesar Pista, frozen Elaichi Pista and frozen Mango flavour as well. Along with maintaining its delicious traditional form, we at Mithai and More make all our sweets with a tinge of love, care and oneness.

    So, treat yourself to these desserts for summer and make this summer the best days of your life.

    4: Shrikhand or Matho

    From the land of Bengal, we come to the west of India in Maharashtra. Matho or Shrikhand is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet and like Rasmalai, this sweet is widely accepted in all parts of India. At Mithai and More, we have a plethora of options for our customers when it comes to Matho. Whether you are opting for a combination of different flavours like Pista, Mango, Kesar, etc. or looking for separate flavours is ready to serve form, we have got everything for you.

    Mango flavoured Shrikhkand from Mithai and More by Shreeji Dairy | Mithai and More

    To make this special dessert a ‘tasty treat’, we add fine ingredients which give the shrikhand a creamier look. Moreover, at Mithai and More, apart from keeping the taste in mind, we make all our sweets in a hygienic and clean environment for the betterment of our customers.


    5: Lassi

    From the east to the west of India, now it is time to move ‘northwards’. When you hear ‘Lassi’, more often than not, the word itself brings a smile to your face. Lassi is perhaps the best Indian dessert made essentially from curd with added flavours to enhance the taste.

    At Mithai and More, you will find a ‘Rajwadi’ taste apart from getting more contemporary flavours like Lassi Chocolate, Lassi Rose, etc. We are a master of making customized sweets according to the likes and dislikes of our customers. Moreover, we make sure to keep the original essence of the sweet as well.

    A glass of Kaju drax lassi from Mithai and More by Shreeji Dairy | Mithai and More

    Along with Chocolate, Rose and Rajwadi Lassi, we have other options such as Lassi Kaju Draksh and the sweet old traditional Lassi. Therefore, do not wait more and treat yourself to delicious Indian sweets this summer.


    6: Buttermilk

    As we stated at the beginning of the article, it is important to eat and drink the right thing during summer. Buttermilk or popularly known as ‘Chaas’ is a perfect blend of taste with amazing health benefits.

    A 250 ml bottle of Mithai and More's ButterMilk by Shreeji Dairy | Mithai and More

    Although the name ‘Buttermilk’ can be misleading as it doesn’t contain any butter. At Mithai and More, we have Buttermilk in 200ML, 500ML and 1 Litre packaging. Due to this, our customers can either have Buttermilk on the go on a hot summer afternoon or opt for the 1-litre pack to enjoy this amazing summer dessert with their family.

    The lactic acid present in Buttermilk helps in preventing unwanted bacterial growth. Thus, apart from being immaculately tasty, Buttermilk has major health benefits as well.


    Summer in India is the season of togetherness. As the children enjoy their summer vacation and enjoy their family time, we at Mithai and More have brought the best Indian desserts. With our immaculate ingredients, we make sure that our customers enjoy their time with taste, delicacy and harmony.

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  3. 6 Colourful holi sweets of India you must try

    6 Colourful Holi sweets of India you must try

    Springtime, vibrant colours, water balloons, pleasant food, funny-looking people, and you have figured the occasion. Holi is the most fun-filled festival where people of all ages gather to enjoy the festive vibes with utmost joy and happiness. It is a day to celebrate love, to mend broken relationships, to have fun, throw colours and water balloons on each other and indulge in several delicacies with pleasure.

    In India, we celebrate every festival with sheer enthusiasm. And the diversity here adds to the festive mood even more. There is no question about how good food and sweet delights add life to these occasions. Be it any Indian festival; it is incomplete without its food. Holi is one such festival that is all about traditional holi food and celebrations.

    Every Indian celebration consists of sweets, and so does Holi. They play a vital role in the festival of colours as they are the measures of joy and good luck. Nobody will allow you to step out of their house without the traditional “muh meetha” custom, which means you cannot leave without being treated with holi sweets.

    Here we have brought you a list of some of our favourite holi festival sweets:

    1: Rasmalai

    Yearning for a mouth-watering dessert? There is no other Indian dessert that will satisfy you the way, a dish of Rasmalai would. Spongy balls of cottage cheese cooked in thick milk syrup, topped with saffron, pistachio and almonds for an amazing burst of flavours. Heavenly yellow coloured sweet, Rasmalai is a classical Indian festival dessert made with milk and sugar. People serve this special dish of holi, both hot and cold.

    The gorgeous blend of these extremely softballs soaked in the goodness of creamy rabri absolutely specifies pleasure. There is no other way, you would want to finish a wholesome meal than to dive into the magnificence of this Bengali sweet dish. Paneer is the core ingredient that goes into cooking this lip-smacking dessert. Delight your loved ones with this dessert, this Holi.

    2: Barfi

    What is better than a healthy and luscious holi special mithai? This holi, try Mithai and More’s Akhrot barfi for some crunchy fun. Brown coloured Akhrot Barfi is a North Indian fudge recipe usually made with mawa, ghee and roasted akhrot(walnut). Serve this tempting mithai to your loved ones on special occasions to enchant their taste buds.

    Walnuts, being rich in omega 3 and antioxidants, make for a healthy and nutritious dessert option. So, do not resist yourself or your kid from taking another piece.

    3: Ladoo

    One of the holi sweet dishes involve Ladoos. At Mithai & More you can get your hands on Churma ladoo, Bundi ladoo and Motichoor ladoo. Sweetened with jaggery and enriched with coconut and sesame seeds, classic churma is shaped into Churma ladoos. Bundi Ladoo is a sweet prepared from the besan or chickpea flour pearls. Deep-fried Bundi pearls are soaked in sugar syrup and shaped into round balls. Motichoor laddu, one of the most admired Indian sweets, is made from fine boondi, where the balls are tiny and are cooked with ghee. Made from gram flour, they’ll easily melt in the mouth.

    4: Kesar Penda

    Penda is one of the admired Indian Holi Mithai. Kesar Penda is a delicious, saffron-infused milk fudge. A traditional North Indian sweet made from khoya, sugar, saffron and cardamom. Filled with the richness of saffron and pistachios’ goodness, Kesar Penda makes for a flavourful delight. The saffron brings in a great flavour, and the pistachios add some crunchiness. At Mithai and More, apart from regular Kesar Penda, we also have a low-cal option for the health freaks. Who knew health and taste could be ensured at the same time! Order extra because these will disappear from the table in no time!

    5: Lassi

    The months of March-May are the hottest, and people make many summer drinks and coolers to quench their thirst and also to cool the body. Lassi is amongst the healthiest cooling options, which you can gulp down at any time. While Holi falls during the hot months, you would like no other drink than sweet Lassi on the occasion with the scorching heat. At Mithai & More, you can find an assortment of colourful lassis to try, such as Plain lassi, Kaju Draksh lassi, Rose Lassi, Chocolate lassi and Rajwadi lassi.

    6: Thandai

    Thandai is an authentic cooling drink popular in the northern parts of India. It is made with a mix of dry fruits, seeds and a few spices. Thandai is also a Holi special sweet drink to mark the festivities. It is a traditional beverage that people have been drinking for so many years. Some people even add bhang in their thandai for some fun. 

    This thick, creamy & delicious drink is prepared with sugar, almond, cardamom, saffron and milk. It quenches your thirst and pleasures your taste buds like no other beverage. Being a nutritious drink, it also keeps you full for longer. Have a glass of thandai, and you are good to go.

    Holi is an ideal occasion to binge on some of the beloved traditional recipes and enjoy some quality time with friends and family. Perhaps, the food and fun are what makes it one of our most treasured festivals of all times. So, do not forget to indulge in your favourite Mithai and More sweets with your loved ones this Holi.






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  4. 5 Myths and 4 Benefits of Stevia

    Stevia is a new way!

    What is Stevia? 

    Stevia is believed to be among the healthiest natural sweeteners. It is made from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana, a plant species indigenous to Brazil and Paraguay. Stevia is a plant with natural sugar content which makes it a natural sugar substitute. The sweet taste comes from compounds called steviol glycosides that occur naturally within the stevia plant. The best part about Stevia is that it’s a zero-calorie sweetener. Stevia is a fitting ingredient to satiate your sweet tooth. You can easily replace sugar with stevia and enjoy the tempting desserts, beverages, or any sweet treats without feeling guilty.

    Some common questions that are frequently raised related to Stevia:

    Is stevia Sugar? 

    It is possible for people to confuse stevia with sugar as it tastes sweet but stevia is neither a type of sugar nor contains any sugar content. It is rather a sugar substitute, derived from stevia plants and hence it’s sugar-free. 

    Is stevia good for you?

    Yes, stevia is one of the safest and healthiest options among all the sweeteners you find out there. It is even associated with various health benefits. 

    Is stevia an artificial sweetener?

    No, stevia is a plant-based sweetener that occurs naturally. It is derived from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana. Even the FDA has approved Stevia as a natural low-calorie substitute for sugar. 

    Is stevia better than sugar?

    Stevia acts as an excellent substitute for sugar, being that low on calories and carbs. It is ideal for people who are health-conscious and looking to manage their weight. 

    Is stevia good for diabetics?

    Stevia has a low glycemic index (GI) which means it is least likely to affect your blood sugar levels. In fact, it is particularly useful for the people suffering from diabetes, and obesity by keeping their blood sugar levels in control.

    Usage of Stevia:

    Stevia being a sugar substitute, can be put in anything that requires sugar. It may as well be used for cooking several recipes at home. Although it is necessary to keep the quantity of stevia in check as it is countless times sweeter than sugar. Here are some of the food categories:

    Beverages - Stevia is a versatile ingredient and can be put into numerous beverages such as tea, coffee, juices, flavoured water and alcoholic drinks while retaining the actual flavours.  

    Dairy products - A lot of processed dairy products already come with a great amount of fat content in them and adding sugar increases it even more. Instead of sugar, stevia can be added to flavoured milk, yoghurt and ice cream.  

    Baking products - It is difficult to resist cakes and desserts but not so difficult to avoid sugar as you can replace it with Stevia. Stevia can be a great ingredient in baked goods like bread, cookies, cakes and desserts while you’re trying to cut back on sugar.

    Indian sweets - It is said, everything that tastes good is bad for your health, but we have an exception for you - Stevia sweets. Sweetening Indian sweets with something like stevia that has no calories is a dream come true for every health-conscious person. 

    Benefits of Stevia

    Stevia, a natural sweetener comes bearing amazing health benefits that you’d not have thought of before. Here are some of them:

    1: Controls weight

    Sick of worrying about the increasing waistline? Good news for all of you who are tired of looking at their weighing scale. You do not need to feel guilty about cheating on your diet anymore with Stevia as an option. It is a low-calorie replacement of sugar. 

    2: Diabetic-friendly

    Studies have shown that stevia doesn’t affect the blood sugar and insulin levels as it is free of calories or carbs. It allows diabetic patients to freely indulge in a wider variety of foods without worrying about their condition. 

    3: Lowers cholesterol 

    Research shows that use of stevia brings about a considerable reduction in LDL cholesterol which is bad for health and a hike in the HDL cholesterol levels, which is healthy cholesterol and is vital for a good lipid profile. 

    4: Regulates blood pressure

    Stevia contains glycosides that can surprisingly relax the blood vessels, increase urination and eliminate sodium from the body. As a result, there is less strain on the cardiovascular system and can induce a drop in blood pressure. This means that conditions like heart attacks and strokes can be prevented.  

    As it turns out, everything that tastes good isn’t necessarily bad for your health. Get your hand on our stevia-based Indian sweets at Mithai & more.

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  5. 7 Traditional Winter Sweets you should not miss

    The winter season has its own delight and grace as it has something for everyone. From fashion enthusiasts to food to travel freaks, the winter season gives space to everyone to enjoy and fun. Especially when it comes to food and you have a sweet tooth, nothing can beat the winter season. With the dip in temperature, the warmth and taste of delicious sweets will give you moments of joy, the ones which you can cherish for good. At Mithai and More, we understand the importance of taste and thus render before you the best quintessential winter special sweets. Therefore, without further ado, it is time to relax and dive deep in the sea of the taste of amazing winter sweets we bring for you.


    Khajur Pak from Mithai and More

    Khajur Pak is a crowd favourite and there are many reasons behind it. Not only does eating dates helps your maintaining your health in winter, its sweet taste is just apt to mesmerize your taste glands. The high proportion of fibre and antioxidants in dates is good for diseases like diabetes, heart problems and many more. At Mithai and More, we take adequate care in the preparation of Khajur Pak maintaining high standards of cleanliness while giving immaculate taste to our customers. Allow us to add a spark of sweetness to your winter evenings or mornings or afternoons with our rich in flavour and taste Khajur Pak.


    Sing or peanut chikki from Mithai and More

    The crunchiness of groundnut mixed with glace and delightful jaggery and sugar will give a time of its life to your taste glands. Sing Chikki at Mithai and More is pleasantly different from its peers. Apart from mixing the ingredients in adequate and required quantity, we add a sprinkle of love and fondness too, as you find in your mother’s hand. In order to maintain the divinity of Sing Chikki, we at Mithai and More make invest time in making it easier to chew and the taste should melt enough in order to give the true essence of the chikki to the customer.


    Methi Ladoo from Mithai and More

    Apart from being miles ahead in taste, Methi Ladoos can also be used as a treatment to various ailments according to Ayurveda. At Mithai and More, we prepare Methi Ladoo keeping all its nutritional values intact apart from giving the best taste. Customer satisfaction is paramount for us. That is why with Methi Ladoo, we take care of even the smallest of ingredients so that the final product is up to the mark and our customers get their money worth. Along with the seeds of methi, jaggery and wheat flour are included in proper proportion to give the methi ladoo an attractive look along with an immaculate taste.


    Dry fruit chikki from Mithai and More

    Its winter season btw, and no winter season seems complete without dry fruit chikki, isn’t it? Dryfruit Chikki is crisp in taste and like all the top winter sweets; it has high nutritional values as well. The taste of almonds, chestnuts, a tinge of kesar, sugar and ghee, all mixed in the right amount at Mithai and More, because we cannot take your taste glands for granted. We take utmost care that the while we add our own uniqueness to the Dryfruit Chikki, it should not lose its age-old essence. In addition, we use top-quality ingredients as our sole aim to provide taste-worthy and cost worthy sweets to our customers.


    Dates cookie bites from Mithai and More

    Along with Khajur Pak, Dates cookies bites will give another taste and flavour-worthy option in our winter special series. Apart from being rich in taste, the Dates Cookies Bites at Mithai and More are buttery and chewy. The perks of having Dates Cookies bites at Mithai and More are that it will add another rich flavour that your sweet tooth might be missing. We shy away from the norms here in order to make taste rich Dates cookies bites and give our customers an eating experience they never had before.


    Salam Pak from Mithai and More

    Kesar, Walnut, Salampanja, almonds, pistas and more, Salam Pak will be a delight for your mouth, for your taste glands, for your mind and not bragging, for your soul as well. The reason why customers rate Salam Pak at Mithai and More very highly is that perform twin roles of being a health tonic and amazing in taste. At Mithai and More, we duly understand the importance Salam Pak has in Ayurveda and Unani System of medicine and thus work diligently to keep the essence of this winter sweet so that our customers remain ‘tastefully healthy’. You too can keep up your good health and enjoy tasty at the same time with Salam Pak at Mithai and More.


    Tal Chikki from Mithai and More

    What comes in your mind when we say ‘Makar Sankranti’? Apart from the kites and fun, it is all about food, undhiya, jalebi and tal chikki. At Mithai and More, you will have Tal Chikki in its raw, tasteful form with a tinge of love and kindness added, as we do with all our winter sweets. So, come with your family and friends and have the traditional Tal Chikki at Mithai and More. We add mouthwatering flavours along with the variety of seeds and nuts and we bet, you cannot just one of our Tal Chikki. With every bite, the desire to have more rises. This winter, give your taste buds their due treat while maintaining good health at the same time. We at Mithai and More are ‘more’ than happy to serve you.

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  6. “E” for ELAICHI MATHO

    “E” for ELAICHI MATHO #ShreejiDairy, being quality-focused, we are offering highly effective grade of food products. Our offered Elaichi Matho is hygienically prepared and loaded with high grade Elaichi and made with milk & cream.
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